Presentation of the road trip July 2012

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Today I'm presenting the road trip done from Monday the 23rd to yesterday through Switzerland, Liechtestein, Germany, France and Switzerland again, for sure one the best road trips ever made.

I found an interesting site, that is, which allows to create a trip itinerary based on the Google maps. Here it is:

Despite having spent a night in Stuttgart in an Etap Hotel, I booked all the nights via the site, which does not require payments in advance via credit card. You can find a great choice of prices and it has definitely substituted for myself, that requires a 10% of the payment in advance.

During this trip I noticed that generally hostels and hotels have free internet via wi-fi; if you want to use instead their computers, you have to pay often. So a necessary tool for the indipendent traveller or explorer is for sure a tablet, a notebook or a smartphone. As I would not bring a notebook for obvious reasons of space, the decision can be made between a tablet or a smartphone that can have also functions of e-reader.

The starting point and arrival point was Milan and the number of kilometers was arounf 1520: a fantastic travel that I will show step by steps, day by day.

The recommended travel guides are:

Obviously I travelled by car, my BMW Compact 316i. Ready? Get ready to enjoy the road trip July 2012!

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