Karlsruhe in one day, Germany

Sunday, August 26, 2012

After the night in Stuttgart, in the morning my off the beaten tracks travel went on and I got to Karlsruhe in the morning. The destination was the Hotel Barbarossa, booked thanks to an offer found on Booking.com.

Diaries of an explorer

The visit to Karlsruhe started from the Stadtgarten (city park) that has also a zoo...well after having had a safari in 1997 in Kenya, I was not so interested to see the animals, but after so many years I could see again some of them, even if I don't like they are not free like in the national parks of Africa. The image of this little fox trying to scratch the wood to escape is clear:

Besides this, a gorilla and a lion sleeping, the interesting part of the Stadtgarten was the Stadtgartensee where you can have a boat trip for 3,5 euros per person ( beyond the 6,5 euros for the entrance to the park). Pelicans and swans swim here
and from the boat you can see Indian elephants.
The city does not have the artistic heritage of some cities around like Strasbourg but every corner is decorated by flowers
Nice square is the Marktplatz, with some interesting buildings
but most of all one of the symbols of Karlsruhe: the Pyramyde, that contains the grave of Karl Wilhem of Baden-Durlach, founder of the city.
The most important landmark, however, is for sure the Castle, built in Baroque style by Karl Wilhelm taking as model the Royal Palace of Versailles, definitely one of the castles to visit. To me the Castle reminded mostly the Residenz in Wurzburg.
Inside there's the museum of Baden, that shows the history of Baden: except of some halls, 8 euros for the entrance were a bit high especially if compared to what I would have seen the day after in Bruchsal.

What impressed me was the town planning: the castle is the centre of a circle that contains also a park and the botanic garden and then the houses are built around this circle.

Coming back to Marktplatz you cross the Kaiserstrasse, where there's the shopping area.

In the end I think that a day is enough to see this city and if you love visiting the off the beaten track Germany this could be a good destination.

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yash manjrekar said...

Thanks for the share, never been to these places but it looks great. I will tell my parents to take me there as soon as possible. I congratulate you for writing such great posts. Keep writing.

Marco Zannin said...

Thanks Yash, well the area is nice to visit. In the neighbourhood you fill find nice cities such as Maulbronn, Bruchsal and Heidelberg! :-)

Maurizio. said...

Ci sono stato anni fa; per un meeting di Virtual Tourist.


Marco Zannin said...

Davvero? che bello! mi piace molto il forum! organizzate anche meeting regolarmente? :-)

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