Bruchsal and its castle, Germany

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

In the morning I started a trip around Karlsruhe with 2 off the beaten path places to visit: Bruchsal and Maulbronn, visited both on the 26th of July.

Bruchsal is just 30 km far from Karlsruhe and has a little city centre with pedestrian shopping area. However what is really worth of this city is the Castle of Bruchsal, built at the beginning of the 18th Century in Baroque Style, that I will insert for sure in the list of castle to visit. Once arrived at the gate the view was impressive.

This magnificient castle was destroyed during the Second World War but it was rebuilt after the 60s. In the museum inside you can see how the museum was rebuilt.

The ticket costed just 6 Euros to visit the rooms of the castle and its museum. The museum is divided in more floors, one with old music machines typical of Baden Wuttenberg
then the history of the city from the first human traces to today and another floor dedicated to some artists and their particular works.
Something interesting but what you really do not have to miss is the impressive serie of rooms you can admire and that make you feel the room with oval staircase

with impressive frescoworks

then decorated rooms with huge crystal chandeliers

On the ground floor you can find some particular rooms that remind natural elements, animals or caves

Going out of the castle you can find another part of the complex that always reminds the royal palace of Versailles

with its Frech style gardens

Bruchsal and its castle would not have ever been part of this road trip, but thanks to a German friend I could discover a wonderful landmark that should be seen, especially if you love castles or royal palaces like me! I love discovering these gems of the off the beaten track Germany :-)

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Chris W. said...

Bruchsal Castle is beautiful! I would love to learn more about its history. It reminds me of Versailles and Pavlovsk which I visited several years ago. Your pictures brought back some wonderful memories!

Marco Zannin said...

thanks Chris, also for the suggestion about the history! :-) I've never visited Versailles ( unfortunately I could not go there when I was in Paris) or Pavlovsk, but thanks to your advice know I got something more on my bucket list( I mean Pavlovsk)! :-)

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