Hotel reports: hotel Barbarossa, Karlsruhe

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Hotel Barbarossa is located in the district close to the central station of Karlsruhe. It's a nice quiet area with little roads with many shops that seems to be populated by people from all around the world.

This 3-stars hotel was choses because of a nice offer on and the stay was pleasant. I slept in a single room, plenty of tapestry and with enough space: perfect for a couple of comfortable nights. Well as it's located in an old house, sometimes in the toilet there were some little problems but nothing to say about.

The breakfast buffet was nice and they gave you also fresh fruit ( strawberries, pineapples, redberries) besides the classic breakfast offer.

In the end this is a recommended hotel to stay, especially if you pay 50 Euros per night for a single room in a 3-star hotel, central and cheaper than the Ibis Hotel of the central station.

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