Travel highlights: Gletschergarten Lucerne, Switzerland

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lucerne, besides being one of the top travel destinations that you do not have to miss, has also some interesting museums.

Its main museums are Alpineum 3D (Panorama of the Alps), the Gletschergarten (the Glacier Garden), the Swiss Museum of Transport, and the Museum Sammlung Rosengart (collection).

My choice was to visit the Gletschergarten, or the Glacier Garden, as I visited many art museums like the Rosengart and also a transport museum in Leeds, UK. Being an explorer, I was attracted by something new and the perspective to visit the glacier traces was exciting. I've never seen before some geoparks like this.

Thanks to the Visitor's card provided by the hostel, you can get a discount for all the museums ( in this case from 12 to 10 CHF). This museum - geopark is included in the list of the National Natural Monument of Switzerland.

Youth Hostel Luzern

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Youth Hostel is similar to the other ones where I slept the nights's not that big as the one in Zurich, it has 4 beds dorms as in Zurich and also it offers many services. Toilets and showers were clean and the position not that far from the city centre ( you can take a bus). The breakfast was good but not the offer was better in Zurich. I saw also many families staying in the hostel.

The position is not that distant from the historic centre but you can take easily the bus number 19 and then you can take the bus number 1, 20 or 22 or walk as you are not far from the Gletschergarten or the Dying Lion monument.

There's no lift in case you bring many cases with you. However there were many families, lonely travellers or groups of friends.

The old medieval town of Lucerne, Switzerland

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Coming back to the moment when I crossed the Kapellbrucke you start visiting the old city of Lucerne, which is the most interesting part, surrounded by the Musegg Wall.

Once crossed you get to Kapellplatz, or Chapel's square,

Lucerne and its fortifications, Switzerland

Saturday, October 13, 2012

From the Loewendenkmal you can easily follow Zurichstrasse and walk along Museggstrasse, where still remains an impressive portion of the medieval fortifications, the so-called Museggmauer, or Musegg Wall.
Built around the end of the 14th Century, its walls are almost entirely intact: you can walk along the roads and stairs that run at the foot of the walls

Lucerne and its symbols, Switzerland

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

During the morning of the 30th of July I left Zurich and in less than an hour by car I reached the following place, that is Lucerne

The landscape is not different from the one of Zurich: in fact Lucerne is divided in two by the River Reuss that flows into the Lake Lucerne (Viewaldstattersee). In bright days the landscape is enriched by the Mount Pilatus, but I could not see it as that day was a bit cloudy. 

This landscape can be seen nearby the main station, or Hauptbahnhof, in Europaplatz, the first seesight point

Youth Hostel Zurich

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Youth Hostel Zurich was the biggest I've even seen in my life, 4 floors, probably just 4 beds dorms. The hostel has many services, they organize special nights like bbq, they offer you dinners for 15 Euros. 

The breakfast buffet was good and the staff very friendly and helpful. The lockers are inside the rooms and this is good. Not so central the position, but if you catch the tram N.7, in 10 minutes you are in the city centre. 

Maybe the price for an hostel is quite high but not expensive to be in Switzerland. Another thing that is similar to the Youth Hostel Vaduz is the fact that if you don't have the wi-fi device you have to pay as usual 4,50 CHF per hour. The Youth Hostel Zurich is strongly recommended for groups of friends or lonely travellers.
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