Lucerne and its fortifications, Switzerland

Saturday, October 13, 2012

From the Loewendenkmal you can easily follow Zurichstrasse and walk along Museggstrasse, where still remains an impressive portion of the medieval fortifications, the so-called Museggmauer, or Musegg Wall.
Built around the end of the 14th Century, its walls are almost entirely intact: you can walk along the roads and stairs that run at the foot of the walls

After the first tower in restoration there's a passage to get to the first tower, the Schirmerturm
Here it starts the path through the towers and over the walls and it's really nice for the seesight and a good exercise for your health! In the following sign you can see the path through the Museggmauer.
A funny thing was: why this statue had the red eyes? what he did the night before?
Climbing the tower via wooden and steep stairs
you can have nice seesights of the Museggmauer and of the city and the Lake Lucerne
The second tower you find is the Zytturm, known for its clock, the oldest of Lucerne built in 1535, and its paintings.
The clock is moved by a 9 meter pendulum
Once arrived to the last "floor" of the tower you can have these impressive seesights of the other part of the Musegg Wall and the previous towers (and the city).
The next tower was the Wachtturm, unfortunately under restoration.
The last tower is the Mannliturm and finally you can get to the top of the tower
and the view of the city from the top is fantastic: the wooden bridge you can see is not the Kapellbrucke but the Spreuerbrucke, always part of the city's fortifications.
You can also enjoy the sight of this white castle on a hill around the city
and the rest of the Musegg Wall
Going down from the Museggmauer and following the Reuss River you get to Muhlenplatz, where you can find the Spreuerbrucke, with a system of watermills
The Spreuerbrucke, completed in 1408, is similar to the most famous Kapellbrucke and shows 67 painting that represent the "Dance of Death".
One of the current functions of the bridge and its mills is to control the level of the water. From the bridge you can see the Kapellbrucke and the Wasserturm, that belong to the medieval fortifications, already explained in Lucerne and its symbols.
These fortification system defended the medieval district of the city and this will be the topic of the next article.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning photos!!!! I've always wanted to travel to Switzerland, and visit the "Museggmauer".... I remember doing a report on it in high school, and I was just as intrigued with it as I am now.....!!!

Anita Sparks

Marco Zannin said...

thanks Anita! yeah walking on those walls and climbing those towers is exciting, especially for the nice landscape you can see from the Museggmauer! :-)

Unknown said...

Thank you for the information! I am visiting Lucerne next February 2018 and would like to climb the wall. I read some information about the wall being closed in February? Do you know if there is a way to climb up?
Thank you!

Marco Zannin said...

Hi, thanks for your comment! Well probably it is closed because in February it is cold and there could be ice and could be dangerous. Yeah there is a way: please check the pic about the map and the way to access the towers in this post. For any other info, please try to contact or check the website:

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