Travel highlights: Photo effects - Lucerne, Switzerland

Sunday, November 4, 2012

This post will be a little bit different as Diaries of an Explorer is going to show you the differences between a cloudy day and a sunny day.

Look how the weather can change the photo effects and the colours of the pics: this is what I get when I left the Gletschergarten:

This was the Kapellbrucke and this is the Reuss River:
Look now the difference of colours of the river and the Spreuerbrucke:
And now the Town hall:

As the day after the weather was really fine, this post is willing to show you how lucky you can be if you find sunny days during your trips or explorations.

The pictures come out totally different and the photo effects too.

In this case Lucerne was so beautiful that even a cloudy or rainy day does does not make the difference, but how many times we did not like a city because of the weather? Please share your experiences in the comments area.

Well thanks to the touristic guide of Lucerne, I went to Bachmann, one of the largest chocolate shops of Switzerland to buy some tasty chocolate. These are some pics of this wonderful place that I recommend you because of the largest praline showcase in Switzerland
and a real chocolate fountain: just imagine Homer Simpson's face here...

Well after having bought some chocolate for me and some presents, I left Lucerne and I would strongly recommend at least 2 days to visit with calm and another day to visit the surroundings.

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Roberto Chi said...

Hey Marco! I've been in Lucerne last month. It's a very romantic city, so poetic and sunny, when the weather is fine. I found everything there emotionally stirring! Walking by the river and watching through the lake remind me when I was only a child,on the Lake of Como, thinking it was the most beautiful place to be.
Unfortunally I have been there only a day, but I'm planning to get back to Lucerne, and I hope I'll see it in different lights as you did in your travel. Thanks for your travels. Go on!

Marco Z. said...

thanks Roberto for sharing this! Lucerne is really romantic, impressive for the colours of its buildings, the landscapes, the water, the walls, its roads and squares! I could enjoy my time there even if it was cloudy...the day after it was sunny but I had stayed there just for a couple of hours!
I hope to come back again soon! :-)))

joana valler said...

I remember going to Lucerne as a child many years ago. Seeing these wonderful photo's brings back so many happy memories. Lucerne is a beautiful city so clean and romantic i hope to visit again one day. Next time around i will visit the chocolate shop for sure. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos of this amazing city.

Stephen Sharp said...

Absolutely stunning scenery and the chocolate looks very tempting. I would love to visit Lucerne.

Marco Zannin said...

thanks for stopping here and commenting! @ Joana you're completely need to add something! Yeah Bachmann is the right place for chocolate with its largest praline showcase! @ Stephen, I recommend you to go there: the city is the most beautiful in Switzerland :-)

Marco Zannin said...
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