Final trip reports of the road trip July 2012

Thursday, November 29, 2012

8 days of journey, 1.520 km, 8 cities, 2 monastic sites and 1 natural are some of then numbers of the fantastic road trip July 2012, for sure one of the best road trips ever made.
Diaries of an explorer

Now it's time to give the final trip reports regarding this travel, but before I want to recommend the website ( you can also find the banner on the rightside) to book and find a wide range of hostels and hotels. The big advantage is that you can book something and you can decide if pay immediately but also to pay at the hotel. If you decide to unbook some hotels some of them give you even the opportunity to not be charged ( for other you have to unbook before a certain amount of hours or days).

Normally I was used to book via Hostelworld, probably the largest booking website regarding hostels around the world, that normally asks you a 10% of initial fee: that's not much, but honestly I think that gives you more freedom and is more flexible.

Coming back to the final trip reports, I was really impressed by the Swiss Tectonic Arena Sardona, an incredible arena with the mountains that seemed to be built like Lego bricks.

Vaduz, the capital of Liechtestein, seemed to be built yesterday, clean, new and everything in order...sometimes unreal!

Back to Switzerland, I could not expect how beautiful it was St.Gall, not only its stunning convent but also the city. And its library maybe is the best ever seen.

The next site was the Monastic Island of Reichenau in Germany, nice spot, and ancient land of pioneer monks, but in my opinion not at the same level of other World Heritage sites, even if I can understand the meaning of the inscription.

Then I got to Karlsruhe, capital of Baden Baden, nice city with its beautiful castle. Even more impressive was the castle of Bruchsal, one of real wonders of the road trip July 2012, built following the Versailles Palace style. The visit to the Baden Baden region ended with the Maulbronn Monastery Complex, one of the best conserved medieval monasteries of Europe, that looks like a little city and sometimes like a fortress.

Followin the trip itineray I left Germany to head to Strasbourg, France, superb city with its historic centre, the Grand Ile, its Cathedral, the river and the little streets and coloured houses of Petit France and Les Ponts Couverts.

Approached to Switzerland, the next stop was Zurich, one of the financial centres of the world, a little London, tolerant and open minded, dynamic but also with the medieval district that makes it charming.

And then I got to the most beautiful city of the entire road trip: Lucerne. This city, similar to Zurich for its landscape (river, lake and mountains), displays medieval walls and towers, the colors of squares and narrow streets of its medieval district. Then I could appreciate also the interesting Glacier Garden and also the colors of a sunny day versus some previous cloudy days.

The last Switzerland and road trip July 2012 stop was Bellinzona, the city of three castles Montebello, Sasso Corbaro and Castelgrande, the Murata and the medieval town, ideal place for castle lovers and those who dream to be knights or soldiers in epic battles.

If you travel through Switzerland be prepared as it's going to be expensive: the prices are higher rather than any other European country, but you will be impressed by the Swiss valleys and Alpine landscape. Altough I slept in hostels and bought food in the supermarkets like Coop or Migros, I spent more than in the other countries....but anyway it's a country that really deserves to be visited, with many touristic attractions and a great touristic offer. Switzerland is a country that invested heavily in the touristic field and this is making the difference, something that also other countries (like the mine, Italy) should do too.

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Hope you enjoyed this great experience that Diaries of an Explorer shared with passion through popular destinations and off the beaten tracks! :-)

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Anonymous said...

thank you for this review! It was exciting to read all the stops, view pics and see the travel with your own eyes! Can't wait for more posts and don't give up! :-)


Marco Z. said...

Hi Bob, thanks for your comment! I'm pleased to hear this and this will give me even more motivations to post more and more!
If you would like to read a particular topic please let me know! :-)

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