Bellinzona's three castles: Sasso Corbaro

Sunday, November 18, 2012

After Montebello the next one of the castles to visit was Sasso Corbaro Castle.

Located at 230 m over the city of Bellinzona, Sasso Corbaro was built in 1479 by the Sforza family.

Inside there's an inner courtyard, where there's an old chapel of St. Barbara.
From the courtyard you can get to the main tower, that hosts the Ficcanaso exposition, where you can smell more than 100 of flavours and is really interesting as it describes secrets and sensations related to our noses.

From the main tower you get to the Watchtower
and there you can have a great sightseeing of the other two castles and Bellinzona too, the entire complex of the list of Unesco sites, best known as Three Castles, defesive walls and ramparts.
You can also see the old entrance, used in the 15th Century
If you go down towards the old entrance you can see the watchtower again ( this reminds me some Lego castles I got when I was child)
It was 17.30 and I had just 30 minutes to go to the largest of the castles to visit: Castelgrande and the old medieval town of Bellizona.

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hannah faye dalipe said...

This is a very lovely place... i feel like a princess when staring on the vast scenery while having a wine at the watchtower.. :)

Marco Zannin said...

Lol Hannah, the picture you described is the most accurate you could do! :-) thanks for the comment!

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