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Friday, December 14, 2012

Have you ever wondered of a place where you can combine beautiful sea, charming and medieval cities, the Mediterranean atmosphere and stunning landscape? Yes, it has a name: the Cote d'Azur ( for some known as French Riviera) in France.

Just few weeks later than the road trip July 2012, another road trip was planned together with my girlfriend and was the Cote d'Azur travel, that I can consider one of the best road trips ever made too because of its cities, islands, sea and particular atmosphere.

We chose the Cote d'Azur travel because it is not far from Milan, approximately 3 hours and a half by car, and for its incredible appeal.

In fact it is a coastline that should be visited by everyone, ideal to relax on the Cote d'Azur beaches and visit beautiful cities and little islands.

This time the trip itinerary was a bit different from the one of the road trip July 2012, as we did sleep in different cities but just chose a base close to Cannes, in an Etap Hotel and day by day we went to a different city or island.

I used again the to build again the travel map:
Diaries of an explorer

During the travel planning I had to say that I could find some nice info on the net like an article on an Italian website called "the 10 wonders of and Provence and Cote d'Azur" but also thanks to the fantastic National Geographic Traveler Guide: Provence and Cote d'Azur: just 8,45 Euros, or 10,99 USD, for such a fantastic guide is a great deal for its quality!

Are you ready? so fasten your seat belt and enjoy this Cote d'Azur travel, part of my exploration of Europe! :-)

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Tourism & Traveling said...

Traveling in Italy very nice because we can use map travel another road trip...thank's for National Geographic Traveler Guide: Provence and Cote d' for us...thank's.

zulham akbar said...

Cote d'Azur is look like a interesting place to visited. I have a plan to traveling around the world and I think Cote d'Azur is right place to visited!

Marco Zannin said...

Thanks for your comments! :-) I strongly recommend you to visit it; you can combine charming cities to wonderful sea, nature and nightlife, art and Mediterranean tasty food! :-)

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