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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Today Diaries of an Explorer is going to make a presentation of the website Travel News.

Last month I realized that some traffic was coming from this website and I was thinking it was one of the directories where I submitted my rss too, typical strategy of each webmaster.

One day the webmaster of Travel News, Homer, asked me if I could write a guest post as some users of this website were sharing my posts! :-) It was really pleasant to me!

So I checked the website and found it so interesting that I put it there on my "Interesting sites and links" list that you can find on the right side here.

The birth

Travel News was born at the end of June 2012 as a community of travel bloggers whose purpose was to collect in one place good articles for places we wanted to visit, as in that time Homer and his team did not know where to go on holiday last summer.

After the first article about Mallorca, they came back from holidays and the website "collected more than 1.000 articles" from people they "didn't even know". So he said "we started to support more actively and we started to implement features that users were requesting".

The growth

In October they did a restyling of the website and every month they doubled their visit reaching an amount of 5.000 unique visitors daily and 2.500 registered users in November. Nice isn't it?

They do not use paid traffic, but just social media promotion that also generates more traffic as i.e. on Twitter people retweet their tweets.

And most of all what they are proud of is an active base of 100 bloggers that are submitting quality articles to the website.

Other topics

Homer tells therefore "we are going to keep travel news free and open for every one. even though someone might not be a travel blogger will always be welcome to share, vote and discuss".

Regarding copyright "the content belongs to the author of the article" and "not to the one that submits the article or to travel news and if the author requests to delete or wishes his/her articles not be listed on travel news - for his own reasons and rightfully so - we have put in place a mechanism to protect him".

What I think about

Based on this interview and details given by Homer, I think that the idea is great: if you need some good information you can get it from many articles on Travel News! A travel writer can be inspired by the posts of other bloggers, a blogger can compare his articles with other bloggers and a person can get useful information for his/her next trips.

But most of all people can give a positive or a negative vote: every day each article submitted receivs a number of points equal to ( positive - negative) and there are 3 sections: Latest, Today's Popular and Most Popular.

I.e. a blogger can get more exposure and receive more followers and visitors, as a person that clicks on the link will access to his/her travel blog. And for bloggers like me it's a pleasure sometimes to see your posts beating giants like CNN, National Geographic, BBC and so on. And it's even more pleasant to discover that your visitors share your content: you can say that what you write is appreciated by people if they even share it!

For this reason it has been a pleasure for me to write a guest post for Travel News and you can read the article here: The World's Top 10 Destination On The Rise..

I strongly recommend you to visit this great site and enjoy reading its articles!

Disclaimer: Diaries of an Explorer does not receive any compensation, discount or gift for reviews or posts like this one: every comment or review is based on personal experience and cannot be sold for any kind of reward

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