Travel essentials: a quality photo camera

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The modern traveller or explorer can use many electronic devices such as digital cameras, notebooks, mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, e-books and much more.

People that love travelling and visiting constantly new cities along their journey know that it’s impossible to bring everything: if you belong to this group, welcome on board! The more you travel the more you realize that there are so many useless things that you bring and you will reduce the next time.

In few words it’s important to identify your own travel essentials, things you cannot leave at home. This depends on you: you could think that your smartphone or tablet is an travel essential, or your reflex camera, or your mp3 player with your favourite playlist.

According to me not all the devices can be that useful: instead of closing yourself to the world with a mp3 player try to communicate with local people, discover new things and much more… you will have time to listen to your favourite music when you come back at home!

One of my favourite travel essentials is for sure the digital photo camera. The market gives you three possibilities: the compact, the bridge and the reflex. The reflex is fantastic as you can have superb performances in terms of zoom, landscape view and quality of pictures but it’s not that comfortable as it needs a special bag and if you visit potentially unsecure places it could be a problem as you could be robbed. A bridge camera is a mix between a reflex and compact photo camera: is the ultimate market creation, but as a reflex it’s difficult to put it in a pocket. For me that I prefer to travel without annoying big-sized devices and keep them in my pocket the compact photo camera is the ideal one.

However, as I like also good performances and quality pictures and my glorious Nikon Coolpix P3, bought in 2006, started to have some screen issues I decided to look for a quality compact photo camera. As Nikon is considered the leader of this niche and I was used to it, after some researches on the net finally I found and bought my model: the Nikon Coolpix S8200. The cost was around 250 Euros in July ( currently around 325 USD) but thanks to an offer I spent around 200 Euros, or 260 USD.

I could test the performances of the Nikon Coolpix S8200 during the road trip July 2012 (inserire link al post riepilogativo) and I was completely satisfied! It’s a performing compact photo camera that make high quality pictures ( 16 Mega Pixels) and with the Nikkor 14X Wide Optical Zoom ( 4,5-63,0 mm) you can capture anything you want.

You can make Full HD videos and has many functionalities such as the possibility to reduce red-eye effect, make the pictures clearer, reduce vibrations ( in fact an instant photoshop application even if I don’t like to use those programs and give you a great picture experience. It has also the possibility to make great sequences of pictures.

For this reason it’s always better to spend a little bit more on these devices as they last for many years: the previous Nikon is still working despite a brighter screen and I bought it in 2006 and can be a valid replacement in case the battery is down. Ouch, I was forgetting to say that the battery autonomy is good: it is obvious to say that the more you use it the less it lasts. In Lucerne i.e. I took around 300 pictures one day, then the day after in Gletschergarten and surroundings almost 150…when I got to Bellinzona, after some shots the battery was down…well still to find where it is the battery status level, but it’s because I don’t like to check the user guides so much! ;-)

So this is definitely one of my travel essentials: a quality photo camera, a high performing compact device, light that you can keep it easily in your pocket. The choice of a photo camera depends on your budget, tastes, needs and whatever, but if you need something like this I would strongly recommend you the Nikon Coolpix S8200, not because they paid me but because I like to share and recommend good products. I will also do similar high tech reviews in the future.

Please look at this picture taken during the road trip July 2012with 12 Megapixels quality as example!

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Srdjan Mejlanovic said...

Great picture. The background is beautiful.

Marco Zannin said...

Thanks Srdjan for your comment! The camera is so compact and makes so beautiful pics that I would recommend to anyone! :-) Clearly it depends also on the skills of the photographer but it just needs a little bit of practice!

S H A Z I A said...

This digital camera is of very good quality. The picture quality is very nice as we seen above

Marco Zannin said...

Thanks Shazia for the comment! :-)

Debajit Basu said...

creative Article with important information for us. camera important to identify your photo.

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