Cannes by night, France

Monday, January 7, 2013

Even it was not included in the 10 wonders of Provence and Cote d'Azur list, Cannes is for sure one of the top travel destinations and seaside places of the entire Cote d'Azur and of the Mediterranean sea, and also the location of one of most important film festivals in the world, the Cannes Film Festival.
We chose Cannes for its appeal and position, ideal to visit the other places of the Cote d'Azur travel: the hotel booked was the Etap Hotel (the future Ibis Budget Hotel), located at 10 km far from Cannes, in Mouans- Sartoux: 4 nights at 260 Euros.

The first day we arrived there in the late afternoon so we could only see Cannes by night. And by night you can enjoy mostly the Croisette Boulevard with its  luxury and magnificient hotels, the beach and of course the Palais of Festivals, the place of the Film Festival.

Left the car at Le Pantiero parking place the first thing you can see is the Suquet, the old medieval district, with fantastic color lights, with its castle:
Diaries of an explorer

In this area you can also see the port but if you walk along the Boulevard de la Croisette you can find the Palais des Festivals

 a little Picasso museum, as Picasso lived in this area,

some luxury hotels like the Marriot
Diaries of an explorer

the most expensive and famous Carlton Intercontinental
Diaries of an explorer
with its gardens
Diaries of an explorer

The Boulevard de la Croisette shows you palms with colour lights
bars and some kiosks on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.
but coming back to the Palais des Festivals it's almost impossible to resist from taking a picture on the famous red carpet stairs: you can feel as one of many actors or actresses that walked on here.
Diaries of an explorer
Source: there was a picture with my ex gf, my I had to remove it lol and replace with this temporary one: this means I need to come back to the fantastic Cannes lol!

It was also nice to see almost everywhere the Palm Leaf, symbol of the most important award of the Film Festival and symbol of Cannes municipality.
Diaries of an explorer

Close to the Palais des Festival, there's one of hottest clubs of Cannes, the Palais Club, that every night hosted a top deejay that plays house, deep house, electronic or techno music, a bit posh, but great for party people.
This is not the only famous club in the city: there's also the Palm Beach, located close to the Palm Beach Casino, that also hosts many top dj's.

These discos and a large number of cocktail bars make Cannes one of the nightlife cities of Provence and Cote d'Azur where to party! So no matter if you want to party, have a quiet walk, drink a cocktail, taste an ice cream or try to win something in a casino, Cannes by night makes everything possible!

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John Smith said...

I had my summer holiday in France 8 years ago, and wanted to go on a 1-2 day excursion to Cannes as well, but never managed to enter it, due to the traffic jam that started some 150 km from the city... However, after reading this wonderful post, I am even more determined to visit it someday! Keep it up!

svetoslav borisov said...

wow... this is amazing :D I would like to go there too someday :D

George Meraklis said...

What e clever post!But i like the photos.It is a beautiful place!

Rohith said...

this hotel is wonderful, where every one should celebrate the week end, its provides packages for the functions too.

Anonymous said...

Cannes is a beautiful city! I've always wanted to attend the Cannes Film Festival now I know I will also get to see beautiful sights and sounds when I visit!

Mutty Perkins

Marco Zannin said...

@ John, uff you were unlucky! @ George, Svetoslav, Rohith and Mutty, I really recommend you to visit Cannes, because it's not only film festival, luxury hotels and Croisette Boulevard...the little streets of the city are even more the next posts you will see this! :-)

ljupce donev said...

wow this is a very good blog I realy like this post

Marco Zannin said...

thanks ljupce...glad that you like it! :-)

DIMY said...

great adventure sharing, i'll wait your next post, you'll help me deciding on my next trip will

James Berg Martinez said...

I've always think about the magic of visiting Cannes, not only for the well-known-worldwide film festivals that take place there, but for the richness of the landscapes around there. You're such a lucky guy for being there feeling that wonderful experience!

Marco Zannin said...

@ Dimy thanks for your words! I will be happy to help you...clearly there are so many possibilities to plan a trip itinerary and they mostly depend on your tastes and "travel style" as I call it! :-) anyway don't hesitate to ask me...

Marco Zannin said...

@ James thanks for your comment! well the landscapes around are really great...the little cities and the islands that I visited that you will see in the next posts.

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