Picasso art expo in Milan

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Do you want to discover life, adventures, paintings and sculptures of the great Pablo Picasso?

Here we are, Diaries of an explorer is going to show you this: a journey through the incredible art of the Spanish painter.

The Picasso art expo in Milan, Italy, is still open to the public but until the 6th of January. I was lucky as my visit was booked at the beginning of October and I could go there just at the end of December...unless if you would have to face long and long queues as individual.

The Picasso art expo is located at the Palazzo Reale ( Royal Palace) close to the famous Piazza Duomo ( Dom Square)

As probably this expo would deserve many posts about it I'm going to show you just one painting or sculpture per period or art style. 
  • Blue Period: in this period Picasso was used to paint needy people like Celestine that had a cancer on her eye
 From Studentepercaso.com 
    • Pink period: in this period Picasso moved to Cote d'Azur and its style turned from sad into a more colourful and joyful one. Subject of his paiting are characters connected to the circus world, but also naked people su as the Two Brothers: 
      • African period: here he started to paint characters more similar to sculptures or totems, sometimes even with African masks, like in Les Demoiselles d'Avignon.

      •  Cubism: maybe the African period was a preliminary step before the Cubism, where Picasso represents the reality in short pieces like in a puzzle. Ma Jolie is an example of this: a woman with a zither or guitar.

      • Classicism: after the cubism what was impressive was the return to the classicism, from a period where he broke the rules to an ordinary one. Check the Portrait of Olga on the sofa: it looks like a picture

      • Surrealism: well when you see first Cubism, then Classicism and now a Surrealism you can only think about a person that thinks completely out of the box. From the point of view of Diaries of an Explorer this is completely great! :-) Well even this is not the most famous of this period I chose as replica in the shop The Dream, because of the image of relax and wellness of his lover Marie Therese.

      • After the 1935 the bull starts to be a central character in Picasso art and this tauromachy is reflected in the most famous painting Guernica, a small town in Spain destroyed during the Spanish Civil War. A curious thing about this is that the Nazist ambassador of Germany asked Picasso if he did this, but Picasso replied: "No, it was you!". 
      The last paintings I decided to show you are dedicated to the last women of Picasso: he was a real latin lover, had 5 children from 4 women and everytime he left one some of them became crazy.
      The first one is the portrait of Dora Maar
      and the other one the portrait of Jacqueline.
      Well the Picasso art expo lasted approximately 2 hours with a good touristic guide: every minute was really worth and what can I say? You can like or unlike his art, but this man was a complete genius and real artist.

      In the next post Diaries of an Explorer will go on with the exploration of Europe and the Cote d'Azur travel!

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      michael potter said...

      Mesmerizing paintings. Thanks for explaining the different eras of the Picasso painting. Its gives more understanding and creates a flow.

      cvija021 said...

      Appropriate place for the presentation of such a great artist! And surely properly explanation of Picasso's styles and techniques!

      Lorenzo A. Fernandez Jr. said...

      I always love Picasso and his cubism. What an original mind!

      Marco Zannin said...

      Thanks you all for stopping here and commenting! The location was good and also the expo really interesting...a good guide can make you appreciate even more his fantastic art! :-)

      ivan said...

      I like Picasso . He is one of my favorite art pro. For my last birthday I receive very important present - one of his amazing pictures. I really like it :)

      Kadirs S said...

      I like picasso, he is the best artist of all time. painting was amazing. I really like his paintings. thanks

      Milan Travel Planner said...

      I was there when this expo took place..I had gone to Milan trip

      Marco Zannin said...

      Hi, thanks for your comment! Yes it has been really a fantastic expo in Palazzo Reale! :-)

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