Cap d'Antibes and the medieval Antibes, France

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

If you want to combine great beaches, culture, history and good food Cap d'Antibes and Antibes represent the perfect match for your needs.
Diaries of an explorer

Part of the list of 10 wonders of Provence and Cote d'Azur, the next destination was Cap d'Antibes first, as following the travel guides there should have been some of the best or most famous Cote d'Azur beaches.

Cap d'Antibes is just few km far away from the city of Antibes and can be easily reached by car, scooter or bus.

As one of the most important seaside places of French Riviera, there are 3 main beaches: Gravette, the most crowded,  La Garoupe, exclusive but more expensive, Colombier in Juan-les-Pins, more suitable to families with children.

The picture above is well representitive of the Cap d'Antibes landscape, mostly with rocky bays with some little sandy beaches. The public beaches are really crowded so you can choose between finding some sandy areas among the rocks being completely far from the confusion or go to private beach clubs.

Chosen the exclusive La Garoupe beach, being the 15th of August, unfortunately we could find the only available sunbeds in the most expensive beach club: La Plage - Le Pavillon Beach. The price was really high: 25 euros per person ( 2 sunbeds with an umbrella), but the service was great and the staff was friendly and everytime you call some of the guys they really "run to you"! :-)
Cote d'Azur travel, Diaries of an explorer
This is the view of La Garoupe bay from the beach club:
Cote d'Azur travel, Diaries of an explorer
and this was La Plage - Le Pavillon Beach club
Cote d'Azur travel, Diaries of an explorer
because also an explorer sometimes needs to treat himself super, but just for few hours! :-)

Just to let you know: two pieces of cake = 15 Euros each (and they were not that big) and 7 Euros for a Coke! :-( All the beach clubs were quite expensive so if you wanna go there you have to pay for it.

However there's also the possibility to look for a free sandy area among the rocks: just a bit of patience and you will find it for sure!

After an afternoon there, we decided to go to Antibes and its historical centre, the old medieval town, really enchanting and absolutely recommended.

You will  feel and "breathe" the typical atmosphere of the Mediterranean seaside places, with their narrow and pedestrian streets and nice squares. After the expensive beach club this time we found a superb restaurant, la Cote a L'Os, located in Rue James Close 28: with just 30 Euros each you can taste yummy meat of fish combo menus, plus fantastic desserts, typical of the French cuisine. Do  not miss it if you are there!
Cote d'Azur travel, Diaries of an explorer
This picture is perfect to describe the private atmosphere of AntibesCote d'Azur travel, Diaries of an explorer
within the walls of the city you could find a market, ideal to walk and buy something or to sea down, relax and have something to drink, like a tasty beer.
Cote d'azur travel, Diaries of an explorer
Crossed the walls you can have a sightseeing of the harbour and of the Fort Carré:
Cote d'azur travel, Diaries of an explorer

Coming back to the old medieval town, along Rue Thuret, you can find a nice art expo shop, called La Galerie, where you can buy some nice souvenirs and most of all art souvenirs, like little beautiful paintings of Cote d'Azur you can put on your wall at home! Recommended too!

Exploring the old medieval town of Antibes you cross gates like this
Cote d'Azur travel, Antibes
to reach the castle, now house of the Picasso Museum.
Cote d'Azur travel, Diaries of an explorer

Well the city really deserves to be inserted in the list of 10 wonders of Provence and Cote d'Azur because of its atmosphere, wonderful sea and places to visit.

Where to sleep:

  • Budget accomodation: if you don't mind sleeping in dorms you can opt for the Backpackers house, an hostel at just 300 meters from the Picasso museum. Prices around 35 Euros per person per night, breakfast not included.
  • If you prefer private rooms, the Irin Hotel is also located at 300 meters from the Picasso Museum. Prices around 90 Euros per double room per night, breakfast not included.
  • Medium budget: located in the heart of Antibes, the Vieille Ville has nice apartments whose prices are around 115 Euros per night per apartment. Breakfast not included.
  • Luxury budget: La Casetta Coeur Antibes is a beautiful apartment at just 200 meters from the Picasso Museum and has all the facilities and allows even your pets. Prices around 230 Euros per night: it can hosts up to 3/4 people.

I would recommend you to:
  • Go to Antibes during the summer or spring;
  • Spend an entire day there, visiting the Fort Carré and the Picasso Museum;
  • Spend another day to find a stunning beach and enjoy the fantastic sea!
If you plan a trip in the Cote d'Azur, do not miss Antibes!!! Next stop of Cote d'Azur travel: Porquerolles!

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Jacob Marlfoyle said...

I travel a lot; I hate having my life disrupted by routine. These little towns are on my bucket list!

Marco Zannin said...

Hello Jacob! thanks for stopping by! I'm really glad you appreciate these particular, Antibes is really a gem! Like you I love going off the beaten path and trying to discover something new...and sometimes hidden places are the most authentic ones! :-)

Alex said...

Hi Marco,

Love your photos of La Garoupe beach on Cap d'Antibes. It really is one of the most special places on the Cote d'Azur.

Kind regards,


Marco Zannin said...

Thanks a lot Alex :-)

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