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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Another destination of the Cote d'Azur travel was Monte Carlo. Famous in the world to be the city of the most famous Formula 1 Gran Prix, for its casino, luxury port and residence of many millionaires, Monte Carlo, capital of the small country Monaco, has its own charm and attracts healthy people from all around the world.

Foto di Monte-Carlo

What can do an explorer in Monte Carlo? Well after the medieval Saint Paul de Vence, we got to the capital of Monaco...the coastal landscape was great:

Diaries of an explorer

The first part of Monte Carlo was terribly disappointing: if you come from the Nice area you cross a district plenty of horrible buildings that seem to be the city suburbs. Honestly I did not expect something like this: the building are built this way as there's little space there, but the view is not that great.

Once you have crossed this area and got to the city centre, everything changes: top cars everywhere, stunning villas
Cote d'Azur travel, Diaries of an explorer

the world-class Monte Carlo casino with its fountains and the closer park
Foto di Monte-Carlo
                                                                                                              Source: Tripadvisor

Never seen a quantity of top cars (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche) like here! The next destination was the castle area, upon a hill, with the Royal Palace or Palais du Prince.
Parked the car close to the castle, you have to walk along a steep path 
Cote d'Azur, Diaries of an explorer

Once upon hill, you can see the Royal Palace, or Palais du Prince, accessible to the public,
Cote d'Azur travel, Diaries of an explorerCote d'Azur travel, Diaries of an explorer
Cote d'Azur travel, Diaries of an explorer

 From the castle you can enjoy the city landscape by night

Foto di Monte-Carlo
                                                                                                                     Source: Tripadvisor

Anyway if you think that Monte Carlo is just a luxury place, you're wrong! In fact the castle district is plenty of small restaurant where you can eat for 30-35 euros per person ( per menu). Well, if you want to eat something close to the port or the casino, don't be surprised when you get the bill!

Due to lack of time we could not see the port area and test the famous nightlife (Monte Carlo is one of the nightlife cities that will be tested soon).

Another famous landmarks, that we missed them, are:
  • Jardin Exotique
  • Cathedral
Going back to Milan, if you're into the Formula 1, you can cross the famous tunnel and the curve of the Monte Carlo Gran Prix

Foto di Monte-Carlo
                                                                                                                         Source: Tripadvisor
I could not take the picture here as I was driving, but you can feel like a Formula 1 driver, even if you were driving the opposite way! :-)

The last landmark is the Belvedere, on the way to the autoway following the direction to Italy. Let's say that Monte Carlo by night is really attractive! 

Where to sleep:
The first thing to consider is that the prices in Monte Carlo are higher than many other places in Europe. If you want to stay in the city-state, the options are:

  • Hotel France, located at 7 minutes walk from the beach or 10 minutes from the Prince's Palace, breakfast available at 10 Euros per night per person, prices from 145 Euros per night per double room.
  • Novotel Monte Carlo, located close to the train station, Place du Casino, Grimaldi Forum, breakfast not included (19,60 Euros per person per night) or included depending on the choice, prices from 275 Euros per double room per night.
  • Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo, 5-star hotel located in the Carrè d'Or close to the luxury boutiques and Casino square, the rooms are decorated by interior designer Jacques Garcia, breakfast included, prices from 500 Euros per double room per night.
This was the last stop of the Cote d'Azur travel, hope you enjoyed the places seen and all the tips provided to create a great trip itinerary!

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Cocoa and Lavender said...

Loved following you on your tour. I have never been to Monte Carlo - it looks beautiful!

Marco Zannin said...

Thanks a lot David! It's a nice city...I loved the old city where there's the Prince palace and then there's the richest part, the one of the casino and the port. For sure it was the first time for me too...not my place, but would love to come back there at least once in the future.

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