From Venice to Washington: the travel story

Friday, May 10, 2013

Sometimes also the travel to a destination, even it's just a flight, can be something that you can tell later on. 

Well the flight approximately costed approximately 600 Euros (around 780$) from Venice to Baltimore and then from Miami to Venice and the flight company was US Arways. I booked the flight through
Diaries of an explorer
The flight was quiet, I was seated close to a quiet family, but I noticed one thing: the US Aiways aeroplane was a bit old, and if you are on one of the last seats you could not even watch some movies because there was a little 14 inches television. Also the lunch was so light that I needed to buy something.

Being used to the European low cost companies I'm used that for 2-3 hours flight you do not eat nothing, but in 9 hours it would have been something more consistent. This because I was expecting something more modern, as it was my first time approaching to the United States. However, I was so excited that I did not care that much! Cannot imagine these poor police officers asking the same questions for so many times...

Landed in Philadelphia, it took a long long time to be accepted and get the tourist visa with some regular questions like "what are you doing here, where do you sleep, who are your travel mates, where are you going", etc.. The policemen take you a picture and take your finger prints. More or less, I had to wait for 45 minutes - 1 hour.

The Philadelphia airport was really big, not the largest even seen, and it's clearly an US Airways hub.Diaries of an explorer
What was funny is the pictures of the city you can see in the toilets, that reminded me the pictures of monuments you could see in the old Intercity trains in Italy: this is the Philadelphia city hall.
Diaries of an explorer
Then I took the second plane and landed in Baltimore: the Baltimore airport, like the Philadelphia one, is extremely modern but much smaller. During this travel I met a family that travelled around Europe and was coming back to Maryland and recommended me to follow the Appalachians route as really interesting. I started giving them advices on the Italian wines and another American woman started to ask me for more info about wines and especially the prosecco!
Diaries of an explorer
At the Baltimore airport, Fabrizio and Luca picked me up and the USA East Coast Road trip was officially started!
The first stop was Washington and the motel chosen was the Super 8 Washington, really cheap, not more than 23$ per person in a triple room and good as starting point for the next day. We found a crabby receptionist and the motel was plenty of tapestry, from the hallways to the rooms. Good for a night and if you need an essential place to sleep.

It was also nice to have a dinner in a restaurant - bar close to the motel, and see that furniture and those colors you have always watched on the American TV Series since you were, or some comedy movies! It was like being in the same place you have ever seen so many times, but never phisically!

The next stop of this fantastic USA East Coast Road Trip is Washington. Do not miss it!

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