My Stay at the C Lazy U Ranch, Granby, USA

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Today I'm pleased to publish a post of Bob Mauer, owner and editor of the blog Traveling Tripster, regarding his stay at the C Lazy U Ranch, in Granby, Colorado, USA: 3 days of amazing and diverse outdoor activities that make this Ranch a place to go for outdoor lovers!
Diaries of an explorer
Getting close to nature, learning new skills, and enjoying good food are important for my vacations. 
And, boy did I hit the mother lode when I got to the C Lazy U Ranch, an all-inclusive dude ranch that more than met my expectations!

On my first day at the C Lazy U Ranch, I decided I wanted to experience a rugged afternoon out the Colorado wilderness. It's been about six years since I've been on a horse, unless you count the time I took my three-year-old niece for a pony ride at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival.  

The staff gave me a warm welcome, and their wranglers quickly let me know I had nothing to worry about. Apparently, they get a lot of greenhorns out here. On my way out to the training site, I saw several small children getting ready for their lessons on a beautiful little pony named Katie. I couldn't resist petting her velvety nose. 
While I was there, one of the wranglers asked me if I wanted to pick out my horse. To my surprise, I found that once you start lessons at the C Lazy U Ranch, they try to pair you up with the same horse. That way you can actually build a relationship with the horse, much as they tried to do with the children to keep them from being afraid of horses. My horse turned out to be a beautiful chestnut gelding named Big George. He certainly lived up to his name, but my instructor showed me just how to handle him. 
Diaries of an explorer
Riding was incredible. I didn't want the afternoon to end as I learned some of the keys for riding along the Colorado mountain trails. Other intermediate level riders came along, and down below on the trail I saw some of the beginning trail riders going out on their horses as well. I wished I'd brought my camera. It was all so gorgeous, with the sunlight pouring down across the mountains and the wind blowing in my face. 
By the time I got back to the dude ranch, I was ready for a little pampering. The last time I'd been to an all inclusive dude ranch in Colorado, the services hadn't included a spa. But this one did. I signed up for a muscle therapy massage to help ease the tension and muscle strain from my afternoon of riding. It certainly did the trick. They had a bunch of other services, from wraps to scrubs to facials to hot stone massages. Roughing it has never felt so good. 
My second day started with a delicious freshly cooked breakfast out on the sunny terrace. Since I don't like to have to plan my days, I enjoyed the fact that the C Lazy U had numerous activities for me to choose from. I spent a leisurely morning playing tennis and working on my backhand before I switched over to archery. They had trap shooting as well, but the fact that they provided full compound bows and arrows for target practice meant I just had to get involved. 
Then I went back to go on a ride with Big George and learn more about the wilds of Colorado. It turned out to be even more relaxing than I had expected. The perfect end to the day came when I went down to Colorado River for a little bit of fly fishing. A couple of the other more experienced fishermen who came down managed to catch some pretty good sized brown trout and rainbow trout. I didn't have as much luck, but for me, the point of fishing is more about relaxing than it is to fish. 
Diaries of an explorer
The spa had closed down by the time I finally came back in. I'd enjoyed the fishing so much that I forgot to keep track of time, but I was lucky enough to rent a room that had a jet tub, so I still got to soak my cares away.
By the time my third day started, I wished I had booked a longer stay. I only had one more morning, so I enjoyed another full breakfast. For my last challenge, I decided I wanted to attempt the high ropes course. Some of these were set up for group activities, but they had some fun ones, like the zip line and the climbing wall, that didn't require anyone but me. 
Ending a vacation by challenging yourself is the way to go. The only problem is that I can't wait to get back. They're open year round, so I'm already planning to get back. I'm hoping they'll let me continue my riding lessons with Big George. It was definitely a wonderful vacation.

About Bob:
I’m a traveler who loves to explore, try new things, and have fun. I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life experiencing everything the world has to offer. I share my experiences at Stop by if you like good stories, fun adventures, and great tips. 

Thanks a lot Bob! :-)

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