Travel highlights: American & Caribbean food

Thursday, October 31, 2013

As already mentioned in the French food post, a significant part of a travel is also represented by the food. In this travel highlights post, I will show you some of the courses we ate in the US during our USA East Coast Road Trip.

American Food is similar to the food you eat in the Central - Northern Europe, as if it were a natural heritage of the first Europeans that came to this land and then created the USA. You eat meat, sausages, hot dogs, hamburgers, fries and vegetables in a unique course.

Let's start from a triple meat course with fries :-)
Diaries of an explorer
The first time I've been to a bar - restaurant in Washington DC, it was so funny as you have always watched those bars in the US TV series or movies like American Pie and then when you are there it sounds like familiar and you wonder: "I'm on a TV series too"! :-)

If you leave the typical fast food restaurants like McDonald's, KFC or Burger King ( don't try Taco's disgusting!), you can try those bars - restaurants and try "light" courses such as the triple meat course.

From Maryland to Georgia, it looks like one of the specialties is represented by the crab. So what about an hamburger with crab and shrimps?
Diaries of an explorer   

Once in Florida, you have still an American food, but also more mixed with the Caribbean one. In fact, you can taste an entire chicken with rice for few bucks like this,
Diaries of an explorer

fabulous tropical juices and the "dulce de leche". Here the courses are a bit more spicy.
Diaries of an explorer
Diaries of an explorer

Once in Key West, you can get this snapper with rice and beans.

Diaries of an explorer

Even if this is not properly a course, I cannot resist to share also this fantastic picture: a big box of M&M's, half salty and half! :-)
Diaries of an explorer
Don't miss the next and last travel hightlight about the USA East Coast Road Trip! :-)

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