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Thursday, October 24, 2013

As usual every trip has its own travel highlights: the first one of the fabulous USA East Coast Road Trip is represented by the National Mall quotes, in Washington DC.

Ex - US presidents left us some of the most inspiring quotes. Clearly they were pronunciated during different epoques, such as the World War II (the ones of Roosevelt) or during the 60s (Martin Luther King), when some rights weren't achieved. I have selected some of them: I hope you can read and think about them.

Let's start from the first one, regarding freedom ( Franklin Delano Roosevelt).
Diaries of an explorer

The following one is from Martin Luther King Memorial: light vs darkness, love vs hate.

Diaries of an explorer

 Here is another quote from Roosevelt stating that the "world is one neighborhood".
Diaries of an explorer

The next one comes from Martin Luther King: "true peace is the presence of justice"

Again, another quote from Roosevelt: "men of good will found a way to unite".
Diaries of an explorer

And the last one was close to the John Fitzgerald Kennedy's grave.
Diaries of an explorer

Have you ever been there? What's the most inspiring quote you read?

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Shirley said...

I read some post about this person who loves taking photos of gravestones with scribbles of how the person died, and I really find it interesting. I remember there in the post she mentioned a group of people stroke by thunder, and as I remember it I think they were sharing the same gravestone.

Marco Zannin said...

That's interesting...just imagine that also in Key West there is a cemetery with funny quotes of the buried people...i.e. "I told you that I was sick"! :-)

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