Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Sunday, November 17, 2013

This is an old post and a brief presentation I wrote in the past about Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in Spain. Enjoy it! :-)
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Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the capital of Tenerife and is the second city of the Canary Islands. Because of different factors, the city can be considered a nice place to spend an holiday.

First of all the climate is good during the entire year and it seems to live in an eternal spring. Another important element is the natural landscape: the city is surrounded by beautiful beaches and the Teide mountain, the highest in Spain. It offers also a diverse nightlife, that made it one of the favourite destinations of young people.

The combination of these three factors make Santa Cruz as a place for many tastes and accessible to everyone and therefore a recommended destination for a pleasant holiday, combining relax to fun.


What to visit

The area around the harbour can be considered the heart of Santa Cruz, represented by Plaza de Espana, an important example of the Franchist arquitecture. From Plaza de Espana a trip to the interesting monuments of the city can start. The oldest area offers some beautiful churches like San Francisco, Iglesia del Pilar and Iglesia de la Concepcion, built with typical canarian wood and with some important paintings inside.

The park Garcia Sanabria and Parque Maritimo contain art and tropical trees and close to them there’s also the Castillo Negro ( black castle). The auditorium projected by the arquitect Santiago Calatrava deserves a visit and if someone wants to know more about the local culture the Museum of Naturaleza y el Hombre.
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Culture and Food

Santa Cruz de Tenerife has more than 200.000 of inhabitants but form together with the other city San Cristobal de la Laguna an agglomerate of 400.000 of inhabitants. Before the Spanish conquer, Tenerife was populated by the Guanches, but even the conquistadores killed all the local inhabitants, their culture still influences the Canarian culture.

Actually the local people have a clear Spanish heritage, with all the characteristics of the Mediterrean way to be and to live, warm and friendly people and love to live a quiet life, also because the core business of Santa Cruz is the tourism.

The Guanche’s heritage consists in the “gofio”, a particular kind of toasted bread that the Canarian people use to create different dishes. They also combine dishes with “mojos”, chilly sauces, and other typical food is based on fish and potatoes ( papas arrugadas). Tenerife offers also a delicious tropical fruit. To taste all this food it is recommendable to choose little tapas bars or good restaurants in the city.

The major event of the city is for sure the pitoresque and coloured Carnival, one of the most famous in Spain and in Europe. It is absolutely an experience to live!
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Amusement There is not only the Carnival for the party people. In fact Tenerife offers a diverse nightlife and amusement possibilities for every taste. The street “Avenida Anada” collects an impressive number of bars and discos, such as Malibu Beach. In Tenerife many discos start their night at 2-3 am, except the Malibu Beach.

For the lovers of a quieter night, restaurants as La Posada or La Papa can be a good option. Also here please note that the normal time for a dinner is around 22 pm, so do not surprise if you don’t find anyone before that time.

Regarding cultural events, a “zarzuela” show is a nice representation of the Canarian culture and dance. Another experience is the flamenco show in the Pyramid of Arona.

During the day, Santa Cruz is a great spot for scuba divings, equitation, golf, hiking or beach sports.

Shops can be found anywhere in the city and the biggest one is Corte Ingles, present in every big city in Spain.
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Basic info

Santa Cruz is a safe and secure city with a low rate of criminal activities. To get to Tenerife a passport or ID card is sufficient.

No vaccinations have to be taken before the arrival: the only recommended rule is to avoid drinking tap water, making sure to not take the “Canarian fever”.

Regarding the transports, Santa Cruz can be reached easily by the closer airport “Tenerife Norte” by bus or car. The city is also covered by a good bus system. The connections with other Canarian Islands are covered by many local flights or ferries. The prices are cheap.

In restaurants and hotels normally all credit cards are accepted but it is recommendable to check it before spending some money, whereas in bars and discos better paying by cash. Normally the price ranges are not expensive, but it depends if you choose a luxury holiday or not. 

Where to sleep:

  • Budget accomodation: B&B Casa Armonia, a nice bed and breakfast located at 900 meters from the Espacio de las Artes, breakfast included, double with shared bathroom as of 45 Euros per night or 70 Euros per night in the junior suite. You can also opt for the triple room as of 60 Euros per night, ideal for 3 friends.
  • Medium accomodation: Hotel Colon Rambla, located in the heart of Santa Cruz, close to the Ramblas, breakfast not included and available at 9,90 Euros per person per night, prices from 75 Euros per double room per night; if you want the breakfast included the prices for a double room per night are around 100 Euros per night.
  • Luxury accomodation: Iberostar Grand Hotel Mencey, a 5 star hotel located at 50 meters from the Parco Sanabria, prices from 130 Euros per double room per night, if you want the breakfast included the prices are 180 Euros per double room per night and if you want the half pension (breakfast + dinner) the prices are 230 Euros per double room per night.

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