Travel highlights: tips for an European traveling to the USA

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Are you planning your first trip to the U.S.? Great! This is not your first trip to the U.S? No problem: this post can be useful for you too.
Diaries of an explorer

This is what you could expect there...

The "airport impact": after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Patriot Act has increased the level of security of people going to the US. So please be prepared to wait for 1h - 1h30 min at the customs. You will need to answer questions like "the reason of your stay, where are you sleeping, how long are you going to stay in the US, who you are traveling with", etc. and then they take the fingerprints. If you have to take other flights, please make sure you take it at least 2 hours after your arrival.

Of course, there's a sign that says that you cannot record or take pictures of those lines.

Credit cards or cash? I travelled with cash, but honestly it was a mistake. In fact, except the big cities, it's almost impossible to exchange your cash. If you want to go to a bank, you have to own an American banking account. Personally it's not worth...

Cheaper oil: last year the proportion was: 1 liter x 1 Euro - 80% less than in Italy!

Cheaper restaurants: I don't mean the fast food restaurants, but the average US restaurant is really cheap if compared to the average Western Europe restaurant.

Hotels & Motels: unless you stay in only one city and you want to book an hotel in advance, if you travel by car, you don't need to book it from Europe. You find so many motels and you can even compare the prices. Normally a motel room has two king size beds with a toilet. You can spend 20$ per night per person. 

On the road: if your itinerary is long, please consider renting a comfortable car. The speed limit is a bit lower than the European standard (max. 120 - 130 kmh depending on the country): if you drive for many km or miles as we did, you can set your speed limit and just control the car.

Heritage: do not expect the same history or the same heritage! USA is a younger nation than the "old" European ones. You can find great museums, memorials, amusement parks, modern cities and most of all breathtaking landscapes and nature.

Larger spaces: the country is really there will be areas where you don't have something interesting to see. Everything is bigger...cities, autoways, cars, malls, etc.

Trains? do not expect to take trains... it's easier to travel by car, bus or plane.

These are the main differences that you will experience...if I forgot something, you can write a comment and I will add it to this feel free to share your feelings and sensations.

This was the last post of the travel highlights. The next one will be the final trip reports of the USA East Coast Road Trip.

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