Trip reports: USA East Coast Road Trip

Monday, November 11, 2013

More than 3,000 km or 2,000 miles, 8 cities and 8 days are the main figures of this great USA East Coast Road Trip. If you are not afraid to drive along the Eastern Coast and you don't mind even to drive for more than 500 miles or 800 km, this is an ideal trip itinerary you could consider.

If you want to combine nature, nightlife, relax long hours drive, beaches, parks, this is the right place for you.
USA East Coast Road Trip, Diaries of an explorer
Of course, this is one of the best road trips ever made, maybe the best one, and I would recommend to any road-tripper around the world. It was similar to the Road Trip July 2012, as we stopped by a different place or city, but it was slightly different as we arrived by plane and the starting point was Baltimore and the arrival was Miami ( or Key West), where we left the country. So let's say that it was a plane + car combination :-)

Coming back to the final trip reports, Washington DC was the first "real" stop, as I did not see Baltimore or Philadelphia, but just their respective airports. The capital of the US displays an impressive National Mall with the ex- Us president memorials such as Lincoln, Roosevelt, Jefferson, or with other memorials like the WWII or the Arlington Cemetery and then with important buildings like the White House, Capitol Hill and the Pentagon. Well, except the impressive monuments and buildings, the next time I would also discover the nightlife...
USA East Coast Road Trip, Diaries of an explorer

The second stop was Kitty Hawk and the Outer Banks, a 200 mile or 320 km long string of narrow barrier islands off the Atlantic coast of North Carolina and Virginia. Well you will drive along these barrier islands and over the Atlantic Ocean. We visited the Wright Brothers Memorial in Kill Devil Hills, where you can visit the museum dedicated to the brothers that could fly for the first time in the human history.
Then we drove for more than 500 miles / 800 km through North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia to reach Savannah, a colonial historic city that was an important port of the cotton exchange trade and also with some interesting colonial buildings. However, the historical centre was a bit declining.
USA East Coast Road Trip, Diaries of an explorer
It does not take much to visit the main attractions in Savannah: we got to Fernandina Beach, a small village with some interesting buildings, the first railway station of the Florida' Atlantic Coast and a nice restaurant where to eat local courses.
USA East Coast Road Trip
One of the top travel destinations of this road trip was Daytona Beach, with its Daytona International Speedway and one of the best white sand beaches ever seen.
USA East Coast Road Trip

The following day we visited the Kennedy Space Center Complex close to Cape Canaveral: an interesting amusement park, but it takes minimum 5-6 hours to visit it and sometimes it's quite boring as you have to take more buses. You can also see the NASA headquarters from the bus.
USA East Coast Road Trip

From Cape Canaveral we went directly to Miami, as there was an awful weather to stop by Palm Beach. Miami is really a fantastic and multicultural city, with different districts and people, that shows art districts, fantastic beaches, an impressive nightlife and some interesting attractions. Definitely the place I loved the most and that impressed me more than other places.Wow!
USA East Coast Road Trip

Key Biscayne is great place to relax if you want to leave the crowded and noisy Miami. Nice beaches, nice parks, the famous Grandon Park Tennis Center and the lighthouse are the main attractions.
USA East Coast Road Trip

The last stop was Key West and the Florida Keys: on the way to this city, you can enjoy a fantastic drive over the Atlantic Ocean and you can visit some interesting national parks before getting to the famous Key West, a lively and nightlife spot, that is worth a visit or a weekend.
USA East Coast Road Trip

Unfortunately all the good things come to an end...and it's time to come back to Venice.
USA East Coast Road Trip

Top travel destinations:
Off the beaten tracks:
Travel tips: 
  • If you are European and you are making the first trip there, please read some advices here
  • In a week I would recommend you to have a Florida trip: it's really worth and you can visit other attractions like Disneyworld or the Everglades. You could even have the time to make a short trip to the Bahamas.
  • Please find a comfortable car for long distances, but don't get a too consuming car. Anyway, whatever your budget is, please check the rates if you bring back the car to the rental company as you will have to spend an extra-fee and check all the conditions. We used Alamo and it was really good!
  • The summer is the ideal season for this kind of trip: keep an eye on possible hurricanes...
  • You can easily find an accomodation on an hotel. However, if you prefer to book your accomodation in advance, I'd recommend you to do it via

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Cocoa and Lavender said...

Marco - so glad you had fun driving the East Coast! Next time, you will need to go north to see all the places I lived! Maine, Massachusetts, and I am from Philadelphia! Let me know when you do - I will give you lots of good ideas! ~ David

Marco Zannin said...

Thanks a lot David! It was really great to travel along the Eastern Coast! :-) Yeah I would love also to visit that area ;-) I landed first in Philadelphia and then in Baltimore, so I just saw the Philadelphia international airport. I will contact you for sure when I will come back there :-)

Marco Zannin said...
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Chemical Market Intelligence said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful post, It is awesome.

Marco Zannin said...

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked it! :-)

Cindy Kistler said...
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