Presentation of the Ita-Slovenian Road Trip

Sunday, January 19, 2014

As I had the opportunity to go to Ljubljana and stay there a couple of nights, I decided to make a little road trip on my own and I called it the "Ita-Slovenian Road Trip"

What a fantastic opportunity to stop by some interesting places I would have visited before and also some of the Unesco sites I could find along the road.

The result has been a short but great road trip that allowed me to see different places and environment and to discover also things probably I would have ever got to know.

This is the trip itinerary: this time I used Scribble Maps, instead of Quik Maps. You don't even need to register and you can also produce an image, easy to download first and then upload to the blog.
The starting and final point was my hometown Montebelluna. I slept in Ljubliana a couple of nights and the other destinations have been visited in some hours.

Being a 3-day road trip, it can be considered as one of my weekend adventures: so if you want to do the same, this can be a good idea for a weekend. There are for sure some off the beaten path places to visit,

This is shorter in terms of kilometers or miles, days and cities rather than other road trips like the USA East Coast Road Trip or the Road Trip July 2012, maybe similar in terms of km to the Cote d'Azur travel, but at the same time different and interesting because of the uniqueness of the visited places.

Regarding the information and guide, I downloaded the info regarding the different places from internet and bought the following travel guide: the DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Slovenia ,an essential guide with some good insights and tips. If you speak Italian, I would also recommend the Merian guide about Slovenia.

Don't miss the next post: Diaries of an explorer will take you to Aquileia, an old Roman city.

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