Travel highlights: the Alps seen from the aeroplane

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Well sometimes you spend a little ( or significant) part of your journey on a plane, depending on your destination. I've travelled so many times from Brussels Charleroi to Venice Treviso and I did it also this time to come back to my hometown. I've already published a post like this in the past when I travelled from Venice to Washington. They are part of our journey and sometimes the first and the last moment of our trips.

Along this sky-route, most of times I saw the clouds or it was night or dark so you could see nothing. This time it was sunny or there were some clouds around and the landscape was absolutely stunning. It was impossible to resist from taking some pics.

First of all seeing the top of the Alps that emerge from the clouds was incredibly stunning and this was just the appetizer.
Diaries of an explorer

Travel highlights: Liege Guillemins railway station, Belgium

Saturday, April 19, 2014

If you travel by plane and land in Brussels Charleroi and then take the train to Maastricht, you need to take the train from Charleroi to Liege Guillemins and then from Liege Guillemins to Maastricht. Once you step off the train, the first sensation is: "wow", if you are able to say something. What you will see is the wonderful architecture designed by the catalan Santiago Calatrava.
Diaries of an explorer

The Carnival of Maastricht, Netherlands

Sunday, April 6, 2014

From one Carnival of Venice to the Carnival in Maastricht, this year I decided to join a couple of big parties. For me this was a return as I had lived in Maastricht for 3 years in the past and I was so excited to come back to this wonderful city, the city with a Mediterranean spirit, as I love to call it!
Diaries of an explorer

It is for sure one of most powerful feasts you can have in Europe and since I have experienced many of them around Europe: I can undoubtely say this! :-)
Ready to party????
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