Travel highlights: the Alps seen from the aeroplane

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Well sometimes you spend a little ( or significant) part of your journey on a plane, depending on your destination. I've travelled so many times from Brussels Charleroi to Venice Treviso and I did it also this time to come back to my hometown. I've already published a post like this in the past when I travelled from Venice to Washington. They are part of our journey and sometimes the first and the last moment of our trips.

Along this sky-route, most of times I saw the clouds or it was night or dark so you could see nothing. This time it was sunny or there were some clouds around and the landscape was absolutely stunning. It was impossible to resist from taking some pics.

First of all seeing the top of the Alps that emerge from the clouds was incredibly stunning and this was just the appetizer.
Diaries of an explorer
The Alps are considered as "young" mountains: they were formed because of the pressure of the African continent versus Europe. At the beginning the landscape was not that clear.
Diaries of an explorer
Unfortunately I was sitting close to the wing ( not my decision, but due the automatic seat system of Ryanair), so I had to try to not include the wing in this pictures and using well the zoom without losing parts of that incredible landscape.
Diaries of an explorer

The more we were approaching to Italy and the more the clouds were disappearing
Diaries of an explorerDiaries of an explorer

Once over the mountains, the landscape was fantastic!!!
Diaries of an explorer

Diaries of an explorer
Diaries of an explorer
Diaries of an explorer

That was so stunning that I has to share it with my "seat neighbours". As expert skier as I am, how I wish I could take a parachute and go to one of these superb mountains and ski the entire day! :-) 

A funny thing is that I hate the seat close to the window on the planes since I'm 186 cm or between 6'1 or 6'2 and the space between the seats is really tight and I don't fit with my legs. Usually I chose the central seats so I can extend my legs easily . This time, I have to say that I was completely lucky, as I could enjoy this incredible landscape. It left me definitely breathless!

Next travel highlights: Maastricht, one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands.

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Lorenasha said...

An absolutely wonderful view. Thanks my friend :)

Marco Zannin said...

Wow gracias por tu comentario Lorenita! :-) tengo que decir que es raro verte escribir en ingl├ęs para mi jejejejejeje :-)

Cocoa and Lavender said...

Che bella! I remember my first overseas flight - a daytime flight which is now rare - and I saw icebergs form the plane. It was magical, as are your photos of the alps! Grazie, Marco!

Marco Zannin said...

Wow! Thanks a lot David! really??? wow it should have been an incredible experience to see icebergs!!! I would really love to see them from above too. This time it was the first time I could see them clearly from the plane! :-)

Md Rafi said...

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sajib pal said...

Pic's are awesome.

Marco Zannin said...

Thanks a lot Sajib :-)

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