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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sometimes when people tell you that a city is wonderful, normally you go to that city with high expectations and sometimes you come back disappointed. Well, this is not the case of Prague, one of the top travel destinations ever seen and for sure the city I would insert into my top 5 lists of cities to visit.
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The capital of the Czech Republic is an authentic gem you don't have absolutely to miss. I decided to create a sort of guide of the city with 4 itineraries you can visit in 3 days or 4 days, depending on your preferences and time. Anyway, if you want to visit it in 3 days, you have to walk quite fast.
The old medieval town

We can start our itinerary from the famous Starometstké nàmestì, or the Old Town Square, the heart of Prague. This is one of the most scenographic public spaces in Europe and it has been modified from an architectural point of view several times along the centuries.
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For sure the main symbol of this mix of architectural styles is the Old Town Hall, that functioned until the XX Century with its main Gothic tower ( that you can climb to enjoy then a great view over the Old Town Square).
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Besides the tower, the main feature of the Old Town Hall is for sure the Astronomical Clock, built during the XV Century and for sure one of the main symbols of the city. Every day, from 9 to 21 you can see the clock animation. Every hour, the Death comes out and rings the bell, then from two little windows it starts a sort of dance with the 12 apostoles until its final closure marked by the cock's chant. It is a great show to see.
Diaries of an explorer
Diaries of an explorer
In the picture above you can see the cock and also the death.

Another precious landmark of this great square is represented by the Tynsky chràm, the Tyn Temple. Despite it has not a central position within the square, it is one of the monumental landmarks of the Old Town Square with its 80 meters high towers.
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Other landmarks of the Old Town Square are the "dum U minuty" house, residence also of the Kafka family for some decades, 
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and finally the Sv Mikulas or St Nicholas church.
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If you take the street close to the Tyn Temple, you will walk along the elegant Celetnà, the old street that connected the old Vysehrad Castle to the actual Hrad, or the "new" and most famous Prague Castle. 
Diaries of an explorer
Diaries of an explorer
This is the enchanting Prasna Brana, or Powder Gate, old entrance of the old town on the way to Kutna Hora, that I visited and that you will know soon. It was built following the Karl's bridge style. Crossed the gate, you can find also the Republic Square or Namestì Republiky, with the stunning Obecni dum.

Diaries of an explorer
Diaries of an explorer

Left the Republic Square, we're going to explore one of the most beautiful, mysterious parts of the city, the Jewish Ghetto. I would recommend to buy the all-in ticket so you can visit all the synagogues ( Old - New Synagogue and Jerusalem Sinagogue) for CZK 250 (less than 10 Euros).  You can reach the Ghetto by walking along the Parizskà, another elegant streets with the luxury fashion brands. It's not a big mystery that this was the richest part of the city.
Diaries of an explorer
Diaries of an explorer
The Old - New Synagogue is one of the most ancient synagogue in Europe. According to a legend, there should be some stones coming from the Jerusalem Temple brought directly by the angels. The history, instead, tells us that it was built during the 13th Century following the Gothic style.
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In front of the Old- New Sinagogue we can find the Jewish Town Hall, Zidovskà Radnice, with its two clocks, in particular one with Jewish letters and that works in an opposite way compared to the "Western one". It is also worth a visit the Jewish Cemetery, the other synagogues, Pinkas with almost 80,000 names of Jewish people living in the Prague Ghetto and killed during the World War II, and also Klaus, Maisel and the Spanish one.
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Our tour of the Prague old medieval town is coming to an end. The last landmark for sure is the Rudolfinum, a Neorenaissance building that hosts the Prague Philarmonic Orchestra.
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Where to sleep in the old town:

  • Budget accomodation: if you want to opt to sleep with others in dorm, I will recommend you the Hostel Kaiser, at only 700 meters from the Old Town Square, breakfast not included, 23 Euros per person per night.
  • If you prefer a private room, you can consider taking one of the Apartments Old Town Square, located at only 1 minute on walk from the Old Town Square, 100 Euros per night.
  • Medium budget: again the choice goes to an apartment, Karlova 25 apartments, at only 200 meters from the Old Town Square, 110 Euros per night. Ideal for 2 people and even 3.
  • Luxury accomodation: this time it is the Hotel Liberty, located in St. Wenceslaw square, at just 400 meters from the Old Town Square, breakfast included, fitness and wellness area, prices from 220 Eutos per double room per night.

This was the impressive Prague Old Town: it takes approximately half a day - one day to visit depending on your speed and how many stops you will have. Anyway, this is the heart of the city, but Prague reveals other interesting parts so don't miss the next post: the Malà Strana.

 Enjoy it :-)

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Marco - Prague is very high on our list - we are thinking in combination with Vienna some year. I have saved your article for our future files! ~ David

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Thanks a lot for your comment David! :-) I think it's one of the most beautiful cities I've ever visited. I will also write more posts about this wonderful city and its districts. Did you plan already something for these holidays?

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Excellent guide to spend 3 days in our city. Old town is really incredible!

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