Skiing in the Dolomites, Italy

Sunday, January 29, 2017

If you are not sure about your ski holidays, probably you are unaware of the largest ski complex in the world, the so-called Dolomiti Superski, located in the beautiful mountains Dolomites, between the regions of Veneto and the Trentino-Alto Adige (Sud Tirol), in Italy.
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Ready to discover the largest ski complex in the world?
The ski complex includes 12 ski areas (or valleys), 1.200 km of ski slopes that can be done with only one ski pass!

Let's have a quick look to only some of the best ski resorts in Dolomites you should not miss:

1) Sella Ronda ski tour
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The Sella Ronda ski tour is also known as Giro dei quattro passi, an incredible round of the Sella Group, the group of mountains around the Mount Sella. The 4 ski areas you will cross are: Val Gardena, Val Badia, Val Livinallongo and Val di Fassa.
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This is a tour you should know if you are an expert skier or if you are well trained. Normally it takes an entire day to complete the entire Sella Ronda ski tour. It is a 40 km tour (26 km on ski).

However, it is definitely recommended since the landscapes you will see are absolutely breathtaking. You can choose one point and here I recommend to start your tour from Arabba or Corvara (Val Badia) or Santa Cristina di Gardena.

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There are two tours you can follow: the orange one ("clockwise") and the green one (counter- clockwise).

Now let's see some of the ski resorts of the Sella Ronda that are absolutely recommended:

2) Val Badia ski resort

The Val Badia ski resort is the one I prefer the most. It is divided in two parts: the Alta Badia and the Bassa Badia. The most famous town in this ski resort is for sure Corvara.
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130 km of ski slopes, fast cabins and the central position in the Dolomiti Superski complex make the Val Badia Ski resort a destinations for all the skiers. For the more expert skiers and snowboarders, you cannot miss the fantastic black slope Gran Risa,  super steep with a 45% gradient on average and max. 54%. It requires a good level of training since it is really challenging and it became really famous as it hosts the ski world cup every year.
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For sure this is one of my favourite ski complex in the Dolomites.

Where to sleep in Val Badia:

  • Budget accomodation: Residence Rosarela, at 3 km from Santa Croce and the cabin ways, nice view of the mountains and highly recommended for families, breakfasr included if you choose the formula "breakfast included" ( 9 Euros per person), prices per double room and night around 95-114 Euros. These are high-season prices, as of March they should fall.
  • Medium budget: Hotel Garni Elisir, located in Passo Campolongo and you can directly access to the ski slopes, buffet breakfast, prices around 150 - 170 Euros per double room per night.
  • Luxury accomodation: Hotel Savoy, located in La Villa, in front of the ski slopes and cabin ways, with spa and wellness area, breakfast included (you can opt for a half pension), prices around 260 - 290 Euros per double room per night.

3) Val Gardena ski resort
Another beautiful ski resort is for sure the Val Gardena ski resort. It has more km of ski slopes rather than Val Badia (175 km), I would personally recommend Selva di Gardena as base, but you can also opt for Santa Cristina and Ortisei.

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You can find all the slopes you want , but if you are looking also for something more difficult I would suggest the Saslong, another black slope where every year there is the world cup competition.
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Where to sleep in Val Gardena:

  • Budget accomodation: Gasthof Edelweiss, located in Funes, in front of the ski slopes, in typical cottage style, breakfast included, prices around 85 Euros per double room per night.
  • Medium budget: Hotel Pontives, located close Ortisei, it offers a free shuttle service to Ortisei and ski slopes, buffet breakfast included, prices around 165-185 Euros per double room per night.
  • Luxury accomodation: Hotel Sochers Club located in Selva di Gardena, typical cottage style hotel, in front of the ski slopes of Saslong, half pension (breakfast + dinner), prices around 290 Euros per night per double room.

4) Plan de Corones (Kronplatz) ski resort
Plan de Corones is another incredible ski resort that meets the needs of everyone, families, ski beginners, with fast cabin ways and a 119 km ski slopes resort.  In terms of slopes, it has the widest slopes I have ever seen in the entire Dolomiti Superski complex.

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Here you can see also the black slope, the "Piculin" during a cloudy day.

Where to sleep in Plan de Corones:

  • Budget accomodation: Appartments Hilber, located in Riscone, with the possibility to reach the ski slopes by public skibus,  prices around 90 Euros per double room per night.
  • Medium budget: Hotel Amaten, located in Brunico, nice hotel with wellness area, breakfast included and prices from 135 Euros per double room per night.
  • Luxury accomodation: Hotel Olympia, located in Riscone, offers a free shuttle bus to the ski slopes, swimming pool and wellness area, breakfast included, prices from 200 Euros per room per night.

Travel tips:
  • Please note that these are high-season prices, so as of March they will be lower.
  • It is highly recommended to rent a car to reach the different locations: there are also public buses (Dolomiti bus), but to enjoy fully the Dolomites, it is recommended to rent or come by car.
  • Skiing recommended period: due to the global warming, the skiing season in the last years seems to be postponed from January to March. Some years ago, it was already possible to ski in November, but in the last years the weather has changed. In December, there is the artificial snow, but clearly the "real" snow makes it more exciting the skiing experience.
  • Other interesting ski resorts are also: Arabba - Marmolada, Cortina d'Ampezzo and Val di Fassa. I will talk about them in a further post and also make it more specific regarding each above mentioned  ski resort.
  • Try to come always well trained before skiing: many accidents and injuries happen because of a insufficient training preparation.
  • Please avoid going off the regular slopes: some irresponsible behaviour of crazy people have created many problems like even avalanches.
  • Dolomiti Ski pass: you can make a daily ticket for even a single ski resort, but if you wanna make the Sella Ronda ski tour, it is better to buy the Dolomiti Superski pass. You can find the prices by clicking here. Anyway, for an adult the prices range is between 41 and 57 Euros per day.
  • Get ready and make the Sella Ronda ski tour: it is really worth the effort and the money you pay for it. 
  • Do not forget that the Dolomites are considered among the best mountains in the world: the particular chemical composition of the rock creates incredible colors at the sunset/sunrise. These are things you should not miss at least once in your life!

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Mike - Travel and Destinations said...

I would love to ski in the Dolomites, they look absolutely incredible. The Val Badia ski resort in particular appeals to me. It would be great to slowly visit them all :)

Alva Taylor said...
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Marco Zannin said...

Hi Mike, thanks for your comment! The Val Badia resort is my favourite and I will recommend you to go to Corvara or Colfosco and make the Sella Ronda tour :-)

Anonymous said...
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