Support the hill tribes of Northern Thailand with Lanna Coffee

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Some months ago I was contacted by Lanna Coffee Co., a US based company that produces coffee and chocolate, that offered me a partnership. Normally I get different proposals of cooperation, but often I reject them. 

What pushed me to accept this partnership is that the company works under a foundation (Lanna Foundation) that cooperates with another no-profit organization called Tribal Development Program (ITDP).Together they support projects aimed to alleviate/end poverty in hill tribes in Nothern Thailand.

After some weeks I got the gift package with coffee and chocolate.
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You can actually select the type of coffee (House, Artisan, Decaf House, Honey Artisan and French), ground or in capsules. I selected the House one since I am a big fan of the 100% Arabica, a quality of coffee which is way better. As coffee lover, I must say that the coffee is good.

Plus, I got the Molucca Chocolate that is a dark chocolate with coffee and coconut, particularly good. 

Another positive point consists in the fact that the coffee comes from direct trade: in fact they work directly with 400+ farms in 40 villages, where the farms are 100% farmer owned and located in the provinces of  Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Lampang and Mae Hong Son.

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Moreover, the coffee is naturally shade grown, pesticide free and is freshly roasted. All these aspects were determinant for me to choose Lanna Coffee Co.

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You can even choose packages with mug, buy T-shirts and caps at this page. You can use the code EXPLR to get a 50% discount over the first month's subscription for every recurring subscription you sign up for.  So what are you waiting for?

If you buy the coffee or sign up for a subscription you will support directly projects as:
  • Construction of clean water drinking systems 
  • Construction of schools, hiring teachers, purchase of equipment and supplies: this way the children / students will have an opportunity to gain citizenship and can be better accepted into Thai society.
  • Construction of community health clinics, training in disease prevention and proper nutrition, besides hiring, training and management for the clinic.
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  • Financial support via agricultural and micro-enterprise: the farmers get some funds and are taught practical skills so they can become independent.
  • The creation of the first fair trade cooperative in Thailand: they provide training, tree-seedlings and equipment to help poor farmers in reaching high standards for the international markets. The coffee is sold and roasted in Chiang Mai and through the USA branch Lanna Coffee.

To know more about the costs, sponsorships and project details you can read more here. You can even decide to support or make a direct donation.

The other way, that I also recommend since the coffee and chocolate are pretty good, is to buy one of their packages at this link. You can use the code EXPLR to get a 50% discount off the first month's subscription in case you decide to do so.

I am inviting you to donate or buy the tasty coffee/ chocolate and have a positive impact in the alleviation of the poverty of half million people in Northern Thailand. My blog spouse the philosophy to encourage sustainable development and conscious travels that can have a direct impact over the local communities so be part of this global awakening and rising awareness to make the world a better place!

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post. However, I offer only a discount and if you make any purchase I won't gain any commission. So all the profits will go to the Foundation and Lanna Coffee Co. and you will support these fantastic projects.

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