Best day trips from Prague: Kutna Hora, the Bohemian jewel

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Do you want to explore the surroundings of Prague? If your answer is yes, you should not miss the next stop of my Prague - Bratislava road trip was Kutnà Hora a small city located in the Central Bohemia, in Czechia, approximately at one hour of train from Prague. If you visited the Czech capital and have still time, this destination is for sure one of the best day trips from Prague you can have.

Diaries of an explorer

In fact, the historical centre with the Church of St Barbara and the Cathedral of Our Lady at Sedlec has become part of the Unesco sites since 1995. And I must say that this award is totally deserved.

Ready to explore it?
Kutnà Hora became a rich town in the 14th and 15th Century as a result of the exploitation of the silver mines. For this reason it earned the status of royal city and was even able to compete for importance with Prague in the ancient Czechia.

The Unesco committee recognized the importance of the several monuments since "these masterpieces today for part of a well-preserved medieval urban fabric with some particular fine private dwellings

Since I got there by train, the railway station is located in Sedlec, not that far from the Cathedral of Our Lady and to reach the historical centre you must walk for 35 minutes or take a bus. The bus stop is close to St, Barbara Cathedral, where you can also find parking spots.

1) The first landmark is for sure St. Barbara Cathedral,
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a High and Late Gothic church built in the late 14th Century. Most of the ornamental ornamentation is also of the Late Gothic date; do not miss the fresco woek in the chapels. St Barbara is also the patron of the miners.

2) Jesuit College
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Close to the cathedral, this Baroque building looks like an inverted F and was built by G.D. Orsi in 1667. Now it is the location of the Central Bohemian Gallery. The college is surrounded by 13 sculptures of saints. However I did not visit it.

3) Czech museum of silver - Hradek
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This small urban castle, originally in Gothic style, was erected by a royal building master prior to 1420. The building currently serves as the Czech museum of silver.

4) Belvedere
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Not far from the museum, there is a belvedere where you can enjoy a great sightseeing of the old medieval town and centre.

5) Italian Court
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This ancient complex of buildings originally served as royal mint. It became the favourite residence of King Vaclav (Wenceslaus), who built in the 15th Century ceremonial and private rooms along with a tower and a chapel.

6) The Plague column
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This Baroque monument was constructed after the town's last epidemic of the Black Death, that hit the city and the entire Czechia in 1713.

7) Strolling around the city centre.
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The essential part of Kutna Hora is done: a good advice is to have a break in one of the bars around: the prices are cheap and the people kind, even if on the street they seem to be well reserved. It is time to go to Sedlec now!

8) Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
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To reach the Sedlec area, the bus is the best transport way. Once arrived in this village you will stand in front of the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, built in the period between 1290 and 1320. Sacked by the Hussits it was rebuilt at the beginning of 17th Century in a Baroque- Gothic style. Despite the big building and the portal, the interior is poor, following the principles of humility of Cistercian monks.

9) Kostnice Ossuary / The Bone Church
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Nearby this church, another interesting place is to visit is for sure Kostnice Ossuary, located inside the cemetery of the closer cathedral. It is a Gothic church decorated entirely with human bones and it’s something absolutely particular. It is estimated that there might be remains of approx. 40 thousands of people.

Travel tips:

  • How to get to Kutna Hora: the ride from Prague to Kutna hora by train takes approximately 50 minutes - 1 hour. It is a cheap and good way to reach this small city.
  • For accomodation you can go directly to the tourist office and get assigned a room. You can get prices for double rooms per night and room around 400-450 Kc, less than 20 Euros.
  • Best time to visit Kutna Hora: like Prague - spring, summer and beginning of autumn. 
  • It takes no more than one day to visit Kutna Hora. However, due to early closure, it is recommended to get to the town in the early morning.
  • Another thing I recommend is to buy the combi-ticket (Ossuary, Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady, Saint John the Baptist and the Church of St. Barbara) to visit all the top spots and save money, which costs 220 CZK - 8,6 Euros or 10,48 USD.

Where to eat: best restaurants in Kutna Hora

  • Street food/ fast food: Bistro Barboskà, close to the cathedral, great to eat hamburgers and super cheap prices.
  • In Sedlec: Restaurace U Balanu, not far from the ossuary, family business, cheap prices and local cuisine.
  • Local cuisine: Dacicky restaurant, not far from the Gothic Stone Fountain, great local cuisine and average prices. Options for vegetarians and free.

Where to sleep in Kutna Hora: if you decide to spend one night in Kutna Hora these are the options.

  • Budget accomodation: Apartment Ortenova 74, located at 600 meters far from the Ossuary and 1,2 km from the Church of Assumption of our Lady, fully equiped with private bathrooms, prices from 40 Euros per night per two persons. Bigger apartments can contain up to 4 people (50 Euros the prices).
  • Mid-range budget: Villa Magdalena, located at 700 meters from the Church of St Barbara, has fully equupped apartments with nice views. Prices from 76 Euros per two persons per night.
  • Luxury accomodation: Mlyn Danemark, exclusive hotel located at 2 km from the Church of St Barbara, with most of the rooms located in the mill and others in a garden house. Buffet breakfast and restaurant serves organic food, local homemade dishes and season products, prices from 415 Euros per double room per night.

Do not miss the next destination of the Prague- Bratislava road trip: Litomysl!

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