Final trip reports of the road trip July 2012

Thursday, November 29, 2012

8 days of journey, 1.520 km, 8 cities, 2 monastic sites and 1 natural are some of then numbers of the fantastic road trip July 2012, for sure one of the best road trips ever made.
Diaries of an explorer

Now it's time to give the final trip reports regarding this travel, but before I want to recommend the website ( you can also find the banner on the rightside) to book and find a wide range of hostels and hotels. The big advantage is that you can book something and you can decide if pay immediately but also to pay at the hotel. If you decide to unbook some hotels some of them give you even the opportunity to not be charged ( for other you have to unbook before a certain amount of hours or days).

Normally I was used to book via Hostelworld, probably the largest booking website regarding hostels around the world, that normally asks you a 10% of initial fee: that's not much, but honestly I think that gives you more freedom and is more flexible.

Bellinzona's Castelgrande and the old medieval city

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Castelgrande, literally "The big castle" in English, is the oldest and largest of the three castles of Bellinzona.

In fact the first fortification was built during the 4th Century a.d. and the current one was built in the 13th Century, modified during the Sforza's governement, and finally completed during the 17th Century.

Bellinzona's three castles: Sasso Corbaro

Sunday, November 18, 2012

After Montebello the next one of the castles to visit was Sasso Corbaro Castle.

Located at 230 m over the city of Bellinzona, Sasso Corbaro was built in 1479 by the Sforza family.

Bellinzona's three castles: Montebello

Friday, November 9, 2012

After having left the enchanting Lucerne the last stop of this great road trip of July 2012 was Bellinzona, mostly known as the city of the three castles. After three popular destinations I came back to the off the beaten tracks again!

If you are fond of castles
, dream about knights, epic battles against dragons or being a feudal lord, this is one of ideal castles to visit.

In fact Bellinzona has been appointed to the list of Unesco sites as the "three castles, defensive walls and ramparts of the market-town of Bellinzona".. The World Heritage List site specifies: "The fortified ensemble of Bellinzona is a unique example of European architecture erected in defence of feudal structure guarding a key strategic Alpine pass".

It also adds that it is "the sole remaining example in the entire Alpine region of medieval military architecture, comprising three castles, a wall that once closed off the whole Ticino valley, and ramparts which surrounded the town for the protection of its citizens".

Well I was unlucky as on the way to Bellinzona you have to cross the San Gottardo gallery and this means traffic jam especially in a holiday period like the end of July.

So I got to the city around 4 pm and I had just 2 hours to visit 3 castles!

Well among the 3 castles which one I chose first? the middle one, Montebello Castle.

Travel highlights: Photo effects - Lucerne, Switzerland

Sunday, November 4, 2012

This post will be a little bit different as Diaries of an Explorer is going to show you the differences between a cloudy day and a sunny day.

Look how the weather can change the photo effects and the colours of the pics: this is what I get when I left the Gletschergarten:

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