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Planning your trip can be really stressful and time consuming!!!

Diaries of an explorer help you plan your dream trip and make the hard work for you!

Diaries of an explorer

Why choose the DoE's Itinerary Planner Service?
1) Every trip itinerary is based on a deep knowledge of the city, region or country and on the advices of a network of local experts: you can choose among the best itineraries provided by local experts or travel bloggers that worked there.

2) The best quality - price itinerary on the net, based on your destination, budget and number of days.

3) Every advice is honest and independent: no recommended hotels, restaurants or travel operators will grant a commission;

4) Get unique tips and tricks that you travel guides, travel agents or brochures won't provide you;

5) Customer satisfaction: if you are not satisfied DoE will refund you the entire amount: full money back guarantee.


How it works?

You will find  pre-written trip itineraries, you can scroll down the main menu bar and choose your trip itinerary in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Oceania, Asia or one of the world tours. You can select city itineraries, country itineraries or even crossborder itineraries.

If you need more info or you have special requests, please send a message via the contact form for such request. I will give you the best tips on how to save money, find the best fares, places and have a great holiday.

Here you can see some fantastic examples of what you can get from the DoE's Itinerary Planner on Outtrippin! Please check out the Barcelona trip sample I designed:

Congrats! You're on your way to get a fantastic itinerary!

Please remember that:

1) Diaries of an Explorer is not licensed to book hotels and transport and is not a travel agent;

2) The itineraries can be sent in English. Spanish and Italian are available only for pre-written itineraries.

4) If you have more questions, please use the contact form.

5) If you are satisfied please leave a positive comment.

Ready? Enjoy your travel and please leave a comment!

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