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      Nikon Coolpix S8200Easy to travel with, fits your pocket's size, 16 Megapixels, Nikkor 14X Wide Optical Zoom, Full HD Videos - high tech jewel in your pocket!

      Now you can even get it for 100 Euros or 110 USD!

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          "PAPER" NOTEBOOK

          Moleskine Notebooksa perfect compact notebook where to record your feelings, thoughts, travel tips and tricks and emotions. It's one of the best travel essentials to bring with you when you are travelling.

          Ideal if you cannot use your electronic devices in some particular conditions ( too low or too high temperatures) or in some places like museums or where it's not allowed!


          when you cannot recharge your devices and it's impossible to do this, there's nothing better to bring a USB Portable Battery. And let's get green and environmentally friendly: this can be recharged with the sun energy! An authentic lifesaver if you have to record or frame some epic travel moments! 


          Travel Adapter,JOOMFEEN Universal Travel Power Converter Worldwide All in One AC Power Plug International Wall Charger with 4 USB Charging Ports for US EU AU UK & Europe Cell Phone laptop(black): if you need to travel to another continent or country with different plugs, this adapter is ideal as it's small, versatile and also has 4 USB ports. It allows you to leave many chargers at home and bring with you just one!


          Lewis N. Clark Adjustable On Air Neck Pillow, Blue:
          Ideal for long journey by train, bus or plane: by inflating or disinflating it you can get the best comfort needed. It's also light and you can put it in your travel bag or luggage and it does not occupy so much space as you can completely disinflate it.


          SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSDXC UHS-I Card with Adapter, Black, Standard Packaging (SDSQUNC-128G-GN6MA)

          Ideal for photo cameras, video cameras, tablet PCs, smartphones, mobile phones, etc. If you buy at least a 32 GB micro SDHC with a micro SD adapter, you can feel free to take all the pics or to record all the videos you want.


          Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Wallet Minimalist Secure Credit Card Holderit fits your pocket easily, you can put your cash into it and your credit cards. It protects also the frequencies of the cards from stealing data and your ID card. It is ideal also as hiking apparel.

          Perfect for any place: the thieves will have a difficult time here.

          2) HIKING APPAREL


          Running Hydration belt with 2 water bottles this is a great gear that can easily contain a slim wallet, keys and a smartphone. Moreover, you have also 2 water bottles where you can put your water, minerals or favourite energy drink.




          Switzerland: 100 locals tell you what to do, where to hike and how to fit it: fantastic travel guide written with the help of 100 locals with their unique tips and advices. A more original way to visit Switzerland. If you do not like the paper copy, it is also available in Kindle edition.


          Lonely Planet Germany (Travel Guide): this is a guide that does not need any presentation, but sometimes I found some disappointing Lonely Planet travel guide. This is a guide that does not disappoint you: it is comprehensive and essential to show you the best and essentials spots in Germany.


          Michelin Green Guide Alsace Lorraine Champagne: great guide if you want to visit the Central- Eastern France, I bought it to visit Alsace and I could keep it for the next trip to Champagne area. Definitely recommended.

          A great and complete travel guide that will help you in traveling this wonderful area. Personally I found it very useful in order to visit the main attractions, but if I wanted to visit also the off the beaten path places or hidden gems I could find what I need. 

          It was the first National Geographic Traveler Guide I have ever bought and it rocks!
          Absolutely recommended. You can get in your own language.

          DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Slovenia:

          A good and essential travel guide with some good insights and tips if you want to travel along Slovenia. It points out off the beaten path plances and things to see and has good city/towns maps.

          So for a traveler that loves the off the beaten tracks, this is a great guide. I also recommend the Merian guide, if you speak Italian. However, if you want the DK Eyewitness Travel guide in your own language.

          DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Prague - probably the best Prague travel guide
          available, following the rating on Amazon. Enjoy it! :-)




          Rick Steves Prague and Czech Republic: ideal if you do not want to limit your trip to Prague but also explore Czech Republic. Also available in Kindle Edition.



          Dk Eyewitness Czech and Slovak Republiks: once it was a unique country, but if you want to visit both countries as I did, this is the guide that contains the information you need. Only paper copy.


          Bratislava (Bradt City Guides): there are not so many travel guides about Bratislava, but if you decide to spend a weekend there, this is what you need to visit Bratislava and the surroundings.


          Lonely Planet Eastern USA (Regional Guide)

          If you are planning to travel to the USA and to visit especially the cities this is the right guide for you!

          There are many tips about the cities, their history, what to see, main attractions and off the beaten path attractions, and something some weird or odd things too! :-)

          You can get it in your own language by clicking here.

          This is absolutely recommended if you are planning a road trip in the U.S: 99 road trips are shown and illustrated with some interesting tips and ideas.

          It is a good travel guide that helps you during your trip itinerary. I used it and followed the "Best of the Eastern Coast" itinerary, designed from Boston to Miami. My advice is that if you think about stopping in a particular city for more days and need more tips, the previous guide can help more than this one.
          You can get it in your own language by clicking here.



          El oro de NĂ¡poles:

          A great book written by Giuseppe Marotta, translated and edited by Pio Caro-Baroja in Spanish. A masterpiece that tells the stories of different characters in that Naples that was facing the difficult period after the World War II. A pleasant book to read and also a portrait of an Italian big city after that war.

          DISCLAIMER: these products have an affiliate link. So if you buy one of those useful resources / books you help me gaining a commission, covering the websites costs and providing you useful information about destinations, travel tips and so on. There's no additional cost to you: you get a recommended and useful product / book and I get a commission.

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