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Diaries of an explorer is a travel blog dedicated to the independent travels and travelers, to solo travelers, couples, small group travelers, adventure travelers, all the explorers and to everyone that is curious about this fantastic world and wants to explore it and live the life to the fullest. 

Diaries of an explorer's goal is to inspire people to travel more often, more easily and more adventurously and I want to help people to achieve it.

In order to cover all the costs for labor, technology, time and also hosting (in the future), etc., I can accept sponsorships, advertising and complementary trips or travel products in order to provide the best content as I can for this blog. Of course, I will disclose this in any post or page I write: I'm very selective about the products or travel guides or books I recommend.

Advertising, Media and PR Professionals

Do you want to promote or inform a wide audience of travelers, explorers or adventurers of your product or service?

If your product or service involves:
  • Road trips;
  • Solo or small group travels (max 4 people)
  • Art and culture
  • Castles and fortifications
  • Old medieval towns
  • Expat life in the Netherlands (The Dutch corner)
  • Adventures and outdoor activities (Into the wild)
  • Trip itineraries
  • Self exploration - self development
  • Exploration of unsolved mysteries.
therefore I'm interested in a cooperation with you.  

Some statistics ( May 2017)
  • Monthly Unique Visitors:    4,839
  • Monthly Pageviews:            8,033
  • Facebook Fan Page:               694
  • Twitter Followers:                  272
  • RSS Subscribers:                      77 
  • Pinterest followers:                   52
  • Instagram followers:               267
My visitors come mostly from USA (22.04%), Italy (18,00%), United Kingdom (11,22%), Netherlands (4.48%), Germany (4.00%), Canada (3.72%), Australia (2,94%), France (2,53%),  and Belgium (2,15%) and Slovenia (1,96%).

The target visitor is mostly a woman (60%), between 25 and 34 years old and is mainly an English speaker: 79,76% of the total visitors (60,22% American English; 16,80% British English, 1,74% Australian English).

Forms of advertising:
  • Banner ads: Different sizes and positions are available on the homepage and all pages of the website.
  • Text link sponsorships: they can appear on the sidebar (on every page) under the "Featured Sites" area with your chosen anchor text, or in form of contextual links within posts, without being removed. NB: please keep in mind that the comments with contextual links are not allowed and considered spam.
  • Sponsored reviews: if you want your product or service to be reviewed in a blog post you can purchase a sponsored review. I will write an honest review based only on my experience;
  • Sponsored articles: if you want to promote a product, service, contest, etc, you can also buy a sponsored article. This article will be written by you and posted on Diaries of an explorer. I can refuse the article if it is not travel related or do not fit the blog philosophy.
  • Press and social media trips: Do you need to get the word out about your product, hotel, tours. gears or other service? If it's related to one of the above mentioned categories, I will be happy to accept press and media trips and product reviews.
  • Guest posts: of course I will accept guest posts from other travel bloggers if they are relevant to this travel blog and contain useful information that can help visitors to have a better travel experience. The minimun length of a guest post is 450 - 500 words with some pics: it will be included a link to your website and/or short bio about you. Guest posts are free, but if you are promoting a service or product you have to pay for it
NB: Link exchanges are not allowed!


Rates and Prices:

If you need more info about the rates and prices for one of the forms of advertising please fill the form below.

Other Requests:

For any question regarding cooperation, partnerships, campaigns, guest posts, travel plan design, travel planning, etc, please fill the form below.

Blog trips and cooperations: 

Diaries of an explorer
  • I wrote articles and guides for the websites and I also design travel itineraries for the rocky An example of my trip itineraries is the following one:
    Diaries of an explorer

Diaries of an explorer

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