The International Blog Tour in Cesenatico, Italy

Friday, May 31, 2013

Honestly when I opened this travel blog, I would have never thought about the existence of blog tours or blog meetings or about the possibility to spend a weekend or couple of days with some other international bloggers.

It's something completely unexpected and unknown that makes life absolutely exciting and thrilling.

Last weekend I joined my first International Blog Tour in Cesenatico, Italy, with other 30 international bloggers, organized by Alessandria Catania and the consortium Cesenatico Bella Vita, a great chance to meet some "virtual" colleagues and visit in deep one of the most famous seaside places in the Riviera Romagnola.
Cesenatico BellaVita, Diaries of an explorer
Source: Cesenatico
My hotel was the fantastic Hotel Tiffany & Resort, located in the closer district called Valverde, absolutely recommended for its hospitality and super-kind staff: I've never been treated so well in my life so I will dedicate an exclusive post about it!

This International Blog Tour was a great experience as I could visit and explore Cesenatico in deep, know something more about its history, its ancient and maritime traditions, its cuisine and the great hospitality of the local people, something already experienced in a previous holiday. Let's say it's one of the good places where to try the real Taste of Italy.

So fasten your seat belts and get ready for another fantastic travel and exploration!

Washington DC - things to do in one day

Friday, May 17, 2013

The day after the flight and left the motel, finally we reached the city centre of Washington DC. The adventure and the exploration of North America was really starting!

As we spent one day there, I'm going to show you the things to do in Washington DC in one day!

Diaries of an explorer

From Venice to Washington: the travel story

Friday, May 10, 2013

Sometimes also the travel to a destination, even it's just a flight, can be something that you can tell later on. 

Well the flight approximately costed approximately 600 Euros (around 780$) from Venice to Baltimore and then from Miami to Venice and the flight company was US Arways. I booked the flight through
Diaries of an explorer

Presentation of the USA East Coast Road Trip

Sunday, May 5, 2013

From the exploration of Europe to the exploration of North America, from the stunning landscapes and seaside places of the Cote d'Azur travel to the Route 95, Diaries of an explorer presents the next incredible road trip, the USA East Coast Road Trip.

Why this choice? Well there was no particular decision about this, my friends had already done the USA West Coast, so this time we decided to travel along the Eastern side.

This is the trip itinerary: as usual I did it using the site
Diaries of an explorer

As you can see, the starting point was Baltimore and the last city was Miami, with day trips and adventures also in Key Biscaine and Key West, the southern point of Florida, at just 90 miles far from Cuba. 

The flight was from Venice, Italy to Philadelphia, and then from Philly to Baltimore. Then we rented a car via Alamo rental service, strongly recommended if you travel in the U.S., and we chose a Chevrolet Traverse, really big and comfortable and extremely easy to drive.
Diaries of an explorer
Obviously, due to the lack of time ( in fact the journey lasted only 8 days), we came back to Italy by plane, from Miami to Philadelphia first and then from Philly to Venice.

Despite a recommendation to follow the route of the Appalachian Mountains we decided to follow the Route 95, using the Lonely Planet Guides as reference point to chose day by day what to do. The two guides we used were: Lonely Planet USA's Best Trips (Regional Travel Guide) and Lonely Planet Eastern USA (Regional Guide).

The road trip was similar to the Road Trip July 2012, as we slept in different locations and in the cheap US motels! It wasn't even necessary to book in advance and this is a real road trip!

So fasten your seat belt and get ready to travel with Diaries of an explorer through the USA East Coast and the Route 95! Let's start here!
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