Wilderness safari in Africa? Get a discount with Big Cats Exploration and Safaris

Friday, February 21, 2014

If you are looking or planning a wilderness safari in Africa, maybe you are looking for a valid  travel guide that could make this experience unforgettable.

Since when I was 17 years old, I had a 6-days wildlife safari in Kenya, I know it's a great experience, but it would be even better if you combine it with something else, like a missionary tour, volunteering or whatever your want, like a cultural trip, visit to a city, gorilla trekking, beach holiday and so on.

When I got the message from Hassan of the travel agency Big Cats Exploration and Safaris, based in Malindi Kenya, I evaluated the possibility to get a partnership.
Diaries of an explorer

Based on my personal experience, you cannot do a road trip on your own in an African state as it is not that safe to travel on your own: I would love to have an independent road trip there, but for security reasons, it's better to get a guide, like Big Cats Exploration and Safaris.

When I went through their website, I decided to accept this partnership because:
  • There are missionary tours, that really makes them different and I know how fantastic it's this experience
  • Their specialty is in organizing tours for disabled people
  • They support orphans and children homes - Pamoja Childrens, Home Kwale.
  • They promote responsible eco-tourism by implementing conservation practices in all their daily operations.
Click "Read more" to get your discount code and know more about the experience you could choose.

"El Oro de Napoles" - a great work by Pio Caro-Baroja

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

When I opened this blog, I would have never thought that one day one of my pictures would have become the cover of a book. It happened that I got a message from Pio Caro-Baroja, regarding a project about a book he was translating and editing in Spanish, "L'oro di Napoli" ( The gold of Naples) from Giuseppe Marotta.
Diaries of an explorer

Canova's Three Graces art expo - Possagno, Italy

Friday, February 14, 2014

Sometimes you don't have to go too far from your hometown to see incredible places, monuments, art expos or simply masterpieces. It's incredible how some people have visited more than a hundred countries worldwide, but do not know at all their same region or where they come from.

This time, Diaries of an explorer comes back to its favourite environment, which is going off the beaten tracks. Possagno is a little town, not far from Asolo, one of the best small towns in Italy, called Borghi d'Italia, from my hometown and Venice.

Possagno was the place of birth of one of the most appreciated and famous Italian artists, Antonio Canova (1757 - 1822), Neoclassical painter and sculptor of marble sculptures. In this little town, you can find the Canova Museum, called Museo e Gipsoteca Antonio Canova.

The art expo involves one of his main sculptures, the Three Graces, in italian Le Grazie, whose marble models are showed in the Saint Petersburg's Hermitage, in Russia, and every 7 years between the National Gallery of Edinburgh and the London's Victoria & Albert Museum. The models were delivered in 1812 to Josephine de Beauharnais first and then to Joseph Russell, Duke of Bedford in 1819.

Carnival of Venice: what you should not miss!

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Carnival of Venice is one of the oldest Carnivals in the world and also one of the most important and famous ones. Last year I wrote a post about the Venetian Masks History and this year I decided to list all the main events you should not miss.
Diaries of an explorer

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